Bruno's Top 10 Posts/Stories of 2009

Amanda BrunoCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2009

BOSTON - JANUARY 01:  A military flyover occurs at the start of the game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Boston Bruins during the 2010 Bridgestone Winter Classic at Fenway Park on January 1, 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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Believe it or not the end of another decade is approaching (in approximately seven and a half hours of this post) and around the sports blogging community some have been posting top 10 Boston sports moments of the decade.
Well I'm not going to be doing that and instead counting down the top 10 posts/stories of 2009 here on Batter-up with Bruno. 
Mid-January will mark the blog's fifth birthday from its original creation in 2005 on AOL Journal's and its' third since moving to Google's Blogger in February in 2007.
It's come a long way and hopefully my new and old followers will continue to follow me in 2010 and see what's in store for the next decade. 
With that said, here is Bruno's Top 10 posts/stories of 2009:

10. Should the Red Sox go after John Lackey?
Surprisingly GM Theo Epstein did and also reeled in outfielder Mike Cameron as well. I original wrote that post toying with the idea and one month and five days later it became a reality.

After sweeping the Montreal Canadiens in the Eastern Conference quarterfinals, the Bruins got beat by the Carolina Hurricanes in seven games in the semis.

On April 26, I decided to take a leap of faith and join the Twitter craze. It's the probably one of the best and smartest decisions I've made as far as networking with other Red Sox bloggers. So far I have a total of 210 followers and have to check at least a couple times a week to spam people.

7. Red Sox 2009 season wrap-up: Angels return the favor and sweep ALDS 
Jonathan Papelbon was due to give up runs, earned and not earned in the post-season and unfortunately it had to come in blown fashion as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim stole the show away and blasted Boston to advance to the ALCS to face the New York Yankees.

I had no idea what this would lead up to and no idea who this person was, but it was the start of my blog's growing network. Ken Fang found my blog on Bleacher Report, which I joined in June. Another smart decision made in 2009.
Since the initial linkage, my blog has been also linked on Boston Sports Media Watch, SOX & Dawgs, Sox Addict, Red Sox Monster, (The Springfield Republican's website), National Sports Journalism Center, Boston Band Wagon, and Big League Screw.

After covering a high school football game I came home to find out Ian Bethune, blogger and owner of SOX & Dawgs , shut down his site effective immediately after the Sox game.
The news shocked the blogging and Twitter communities. The good news is it only lasted for two weeks. 
*I would also like to note that Ian found my blog on Yardbarker during the 2009 offseason and since then he's helped me out a lot including convincing me to join the Twitter craze and have me post whenever I want on his blog, so thank you Ian for everything this year.

Red Nation took a scare in 2009 when color announcer Jerry Remy was diagnosed with lung cancer and took an indefinite leave from the broadcast booth from May to late August. For almost four months Don Orsillo teamed up with multiple others including Buck Martinez, Dave Roberts, Sean Casey, Tony Massarotti, and Dennis Eckersley.
The 2009 season was definitely one of the eeriest to watch and listen to.

After the Manny Ramirez bombshell in May, two months later Ortiz's name surfaced as another ballplayer who was linked to using performance enhancing drugs. It shocked Red Sox fans all over, but it wasn't as shocking especially with the decline of Big Papi's performance numbers, yet somehow he still managed to hit 28 home runs and drive in 99 runs. 

This was only the first of many other movements to come, which is way this is split into two parts. After Reiss left,'s Chris Forsberg followed and former Globe Red Sox beat writer Gordon Edes left Yahoo! Sports to come back to Beantown and cover his team again for the local market.
Other movement at the Globe : Albert Breer replaced Reiss, Zuri Berry replaced Forsberg, Peter Abraham joined the staff for Red Sox coverage, Adam Kilgore was moved from the Sox beat to the Patriots, Christopher L. Gasper was named a new columnist joining Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy, Julian Benbow was promoted to become a Celtics beat writer along with Frank Dell'Appa who still covers the Revolution, Gary Washburn replaced Marc J. Spears who left for Yahoo! Sports on the National Basketball beat, and Monique Walker was also promoted for Patriots coverage.
Tony Massarotti joined 98.5 FM The Sports Hub, but remains part-time for
Another shocker was Peter Gammons leaving ESPN to join and the MLB Network.

These two posts go with one another.
For some reason 2009 was the year of everyone hopping on the Boston sports coverage bandwagon and one of the reasons more than likely was because of my number one post/story below. now has intense competition with and, which were both revamped over the past year,, and now with ESPNBoston, which already has effected the Globe by taking away two of its staff members.
Also 98.5 FM The Sports Hub joined the sports radio airwaves in competition with WEEI 850 AM. 
In this down economy, at least it's creating more jobs for Boston sportswriters. 

This was by the far the most posted and talked about story of 2009.
I think I legitimately ticked off a lot of people too, especially on Facebook with the coverage. When the news first broke it was my biggest nightmare coming true.
What started in the beginning of April was dragged out until the end of June, but after it was all said and done, the Globe and Guild reached an agreement including a pay cut, reduced benefits, and unpaid furloughs.

Happy New Year!!! What will 2010 bring...???

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