Texas Watching the Sugar Bowl Was Like Watching a Horror Movie

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IJanuary 1, 2010

With the members of the Texas Longhorn football team watching the Florida – Cincinnati game on television, does it send a shiver down their spine that this team that is manhandling one of the few undefeated teams in college football was manhandled themselves by the Longhorn’s next opponent, Alabama?

For all the Longhorn fans who said Florida didn’t have a running game, they just watched a third string running back for Florida take it right up the middle for a touchdown.

For all the Texas fans who said Tim Tebow is having an off year and just watched him slice up a good defense’s secondary, do you feel a chill going down your spine knowing that mid way through the second quarter Florida had scored 23 points on this undefeated team and it was the same team who couldn’t move the ball against your next opponent, the Crimson Tide?

To all the fans in orange and white who said Florida’s defense hasn’t played a good passing team playing in the run happy SEC, how do you feel now that Florida so completely shut down Cincinnati’s potent passing team.

Do you think they noticed the only third down they converted in the first half was from a penalty?

This is the same team that was carved up by Greg McElroy, the guy Texas took a pass on years ago. If Alabama could run and throw and move so consistently against this same defense that just took an undefeated team and took them to the wood shed, does it make Texas sleep a little less soundly at tonight?

Remember, had Alabama not called off the dogs, played lots of subs and took a knee at the end, they could have thoroughly embarrassed this same team.

By halftime the Florida game’s outcome was already known, the only three questions remaining was by how bad would they want to beat them, just how scared did Texas become from watching it, and was the national championship game already played in the SEC Championship Game?