ECW Go Out With a Bang!

JC Augustine@Spartanjohn113Correspondent IJanuary 2, 2010

I haven't seen the classic matches as much as I want to. I haven't seen the old days of ECW but I have seen all of the ONE NIGHT STANDs.

When I saw RVD verus John Cena the fans cared about the RVD. They wanted to see ECW do well.

The best thing that summarizes what ECW was back in the day is when Cena throws his shirt at the audience and the fans through it back. The fans are all behind RVD and say and do things that would give the WWE PG censors a heart attack.

Sabu vs Rey Mysterio is the craziest piece of shit I have ever seen. I don't think their is any one more that represents hard core than Sabu. When Sabu hit Mysterio with a triple jump ddt through a table I crapped my pants.

And now ECW is a second rate show that is on its last leg. The best ecw match I have seen in a long time was Christian vs Shelton Benjamin at TLC and that was weak compared to some of Tommy Dreamer's WWE era hard core matches. 

If the rumors are true that ECW is being scrapped then I have to say it needs to go out on a bang. ECW deserves to have their best young talent and the ECW legends come back for one EXTREME show.

Have all the big belts on the line, the WWE championship, the World Championship, and finally the ECW championship. The matches need to be extreme rules no stupid chair matches or tables matches and let their be blood.

ECW is a shadow of its former self and with the last ECW original gone they need to rename it. ECW doesn't deserve the fate of having Zach Ryder and Rosa dancing every night instead of having hardcore matches. Please WWE let ECW die but let it die with dignity and let it go out with a bang and a OMG! moment.