College Football: The 11 Best Best 11s, January Edition

BabyTateSenior Writer IJanuary 4, 2010

Numerous Alabama and Texas fans have experienced anticipating a big showdown between their titantic programs.

The most famous clash, prior to the upcoming battle in Pasadena, was the 1964 season Orange Bowl.

Behind the arm of the incredible Joe Namath (see pictured), the top-ranked Crimson Tide eagerly looked forward to the showdown, and fans of both schools were just as excited. 

The scene surrounding the January 1, 1965 battle in the Orange Bowl was special. The contest would be the first bowl game played at night, and matched the prior year's national champion against the current national champion.

It should be noted that in 1964 the polls closed early and did not take the results of Bowl games into consideration when determining final rankings.

Let us fast forward 45 years. As the Red Elephants and Longhorns renew their legendary rivalry for the 2009 national title, the scene of the battle will be special, very special indeed.

Thursday night will mark the first time the separate BCS Championship Game will be held at the Rose Bowl. 

Since the invention of the separate BCS Title game in the 2006 season, it has been held at the various sites of the Fiesta, Sugar, and Orange Bowls, generally about a week after the actual bowl game.

The previous mechanism for playing the BCS Championship game was to play it as the Bowl game itself. Texas won the last title played in that manner, taking the 2005 BCS honors with a victory over Southern California in the Rose Bowl contest.

Miami defeated Nebraska in the 2001 season Rose Bowl game, thus claiming the BCS Title for the year. 

Powerful Ohio State overwhelmed Oregon in the Rose Bowl game on Jan. 1, serving notice the Buckeyes do not intend to settle for another trip to Pasadena next season, as the BCS Championship game will be held in Arizona. 

But for this season, the stage is set, the participants chosen, and all that is left is to experience the grand show from Pasadena. 

As we await the clash of the country's two top rated teams later in the week, it appears appropriate to select an updated list of the 11 Best 11s.


                                                  The 11 Best 11s

As Of January 2, 2010                                         Previous Ranking

1. Texas                                                      1.

2. Alabama                                                   2.

3. Texas Christian                                          3.

4. Boise State                                               4.

5. Florida                                                     5.

6. Ohio State                                                9.

7. Ga Tech                                                   8.

8. Iowa                                                       10.

9. Penn State                                               11.

10. Nebraska                                               N/R

11.  Pittsburgh                                                       N/R


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