Deja Vu: WWE RAW Rewind

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IJune 23, 2008

Tonight was about the WWE Draft when RAW hit the airwaves in San Antonio, Texas! But when the night ended, it was like last year all over again. All three brands made their appearance in tonight's broadcast, and it was nothing short of foundation-shaking.

Here's the RAW Rewind, complete with Draft Results.

First Bout: Triple H (RAW) defeats Mark Henry (SmackDown!) (Draft Pick)

As Chad Patton starts the match, Triple H throws the 'DX' Chop to a jaw jacking Henry. The World's Strongest Man does a 'DX' Chop of his own as he continues the assault on the WWE Champion. Henry drops an elbow and tosses him in the corner.

After three near falls following the Vader Bomb, Henry is unable to finish the Game off. After The Game kicks out of the World's Strongest Slam, he drops Henry to the ground with the high knee and nails the Pedigree to secure the first pick for RAW. If the first pick is a sign of things to come, expect big things to happen.

First Pick: Rey Mysterio (SmackDown!) drafted to RAW

Second Bout: Finlay & Hornswoggle (SD!) defeat Santito (RAW) (Draft Pick)

The Irish Duo start the match, but Santino wants Hornswoggle. As the lil' Irishman comes in, he drops the Italian with a Stunner. On the outside, Finlay and his son have control until an interference from Carlito gives Santito control.

But in the end, it was the Celtic Cross followed by the Tadpole Splash that secured the victory for SmackDown! and the next pick.

Second Pick: Jeff Hardy (RAW) drafted to SmackDown!

In the process of Vince giving away his next million dollars, he announces that one of tonight's main events will be Edge vs. John Cena!

Third Bout: Rhodes & Holly (RAW) vs. Chavo & Neely (ECW) (Draft Pick)

The match didn't take too long as Ted DiBiase came down for a closer look. Bam and Chavo are punishing the younger Cody Rhodes, but a dropkick allows him to tag in Hardcore.

After Neely interferes with the Alabama Slam, Rhodes sends him outside, but Chavo sends Cody outside instead. But in the process, Hardcore catches him and lands the Alabama Slam to give RAW another pick in tonight's draft.

Third Pick: CM Punk (ECW) drafted to RAW

Back on RAW, Chris Jericho continues his campaign against Shawn Michaels. After his Doublecross Montage end, Jericho is joined by Lance Cade. Y2J also makes it known that he doesn't have an opponent for Night of Champions yet and wants HBK.

Shockingly for Jericho, Michaels arrives at the arena and bolts towards the ring and begins the retaliation on his adversary. Things are going well for the San Antonio native until Jericho pulls him into the announcers table on the injured eye.

Fourth Bout: The Dirt Sheet (ECW) defeats The Hardyz (SD!) (Draft Pick)

Before the bout, Vickie Guerrero makes a smart decision for a change as she pulls Hawkins and Ryder out of this match and puts in Matt & Jeff instead.

Miz and Matt exchange armbars, but Hardy drops Miz with a clothesline. As Jeff comes in, old school nostalgia kicks in with Poetry in Motion. The champs regain control with cheap shots and blind cheats. Miz has a headlock applied and follows it up with The Miz Cornerstone.

Jeff counters an Irish Whip into the Whisper in the Wind and manages to tag in Matt Hardy. Matt hits the clothesline/bulldog/elbow drop followed by the Side Effect. After Matt nails a leg drop, Morrison uses a distraction from Miz (plus some tights) to secure the draft pick for ECW. But I bet he wishes he didn't do that after finding out who ECW would be adding to their roster.

Fourth Pick: United States Champion Matt Hardy (SD!) drafted to ECW

Fifth Bout: Melina & Mickie (RAW) vs. Natalya & Victoria (SD!) (Announcers Draft Pick)

This bout was a special bout because it was about the ring announcers, the commentators, and the referees.

Natalya shows her strength against Melina to start the bout. As Victoria comes in, Melina fights back with a Lou Thesz Press. But the Black Widow sends Melina to the outside, and it looks as if the diva injured her ankle on the fall. As Mickie checks on her partner, the two girlfriends from SmackDown! try to attack. This leads to the referee calling a double DQ and awarding both brands a draft pick.

And the picks were extremely monumental!

Fifth Pick: Jim Ross (RAW) drafted to SmackDown!

Sixth Pick: Michael Cole (SmackDown!) drafted to RAW

Sixth Bout: John Cena (RAW) defeats Edge (SmackDown!) (Draft Pick)

As this epic bout begins, Edge lands a cheap shot to Cena and begins the assault on RAW's representative. Following a throwback, the two men engage in a slugfest until a double clothesline puts them on the mat. Cena regains control with the shoulder block, spin out bomb and 5-Knuckle Shuffle.

But Edge recovers and hits the Edgeucator until Cena counters into the STFU off of the Spear attempt. Edge grabs the ropes and slides out of the ring. As Edge walks up the ramp, Batista sprints down and pummels his opponent for Night of Champions. But thanks to Edge's cowardice, RAW gets the next pick in the draft...and it's a big one!

Seventh Pick: Batista (SmackDown!) drafted to RAW

Back on RAW, Edge and his fiancee are celebrating the departure of The Animal from the SmackDown! Kingdom. That is until Mr. McMahon pops in and reminds him that Batista will still face Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions. Vince goes on and makes an interesting ponder: What would happen if Edge was drafted to another show?

Seventh Bout: MVP (SD!) defeats Tommy Dreamer (ECW) (Draft Pick)

MVP grabs the early advantage and has it for the duration of the match. Tommy gains a brief advantage with a bulldog until MVP nails the 305 to secure the quick victory and next pick for SmackDown! And this pick adds to the shockers of the night. SmackDown!'s newest acquisition comes down and drops Dreamer and Colin Delaney.

Eighth Pick: Umaga (RAW) drafted to SmackDown!

Eighth Bout: JBL (RAW) defeats Kofi Kingston (ECW) (Draft Pick)

JBL has the advantage to start, but Kofi recovers and brings the noise to the self-proclaimed Wrestling God. JBL regains control with a big boot to the moosh (aka mouth) and applies a modified Million Dollar Dream on the Jamaican. As Kofi attempts to fight back, he misses a Cross Body and gets nailed with the Clothesline From Hell as JBL picks up another selection from RAW.

But after the pick is announced, he might be regretting his victory. This is also the second championship pick of the night!

Ninth Pick: ECW Champion Kane (ECW) drafted to RAW

Main Event: Edge (SD!) wins 15-Man Tri-Branded Battle Royal (Two Picks)

RAW: CM Punk, John Cena, Batista, Kane and Triple H

ECW: Shelton Benjamin, Chavo, The Dirt Sheet and Matt Hardy

SD!: Big Show, The Great Khali, MVP, Jeff Hardy and Edge

As the battle royal begins, all three brands decide to unify and eliminate The Great Khali, but as they try the same method on The Big Show, they come up way short. But if a show of strength is what you're wanting, look no further than the Animal. Batista manages to take out both of the WWE Tag Team Champions while CM Punk does his best HBK impression to stay in the match.

Back from break, CM Punk gets tossed by SD!'s Big Show. Jeff Hardy uses a donkey kick to send out Chavo while Matt Hardy capitalizes on MVP turning on his team and eliminating him. But the biggest shocker was yet to come as Jeff and Matt got in a slugfest with the younger Hardy sending his brother out with a mule kick.

It is down to SmackDown! vs. RAW as Edge and Batista knock heads. The Animal gets bloodied up on the collision and tossed out by Big Show. Before the Animal is sent packing, Jeff Hardy gets eliminated by Triple H. It is now down to Cena and The Game representing RAW against Show and Edge representing SmackDown! In the end, Triple H and Cena eliminate Big Show, but that's all the teamwork the two had.

Cena then turns around and eliminates Triple H while Edge tosses out Cena to give SmackDown! the final two picks of the live draft. But Edge would soon see karma bite him in the ass as SmackDown!'s two final picks were:

Tenth Pick: Kennedy (RAW) drafted back to SmackDown!

Eleventh Pick: WWE Champion Triple H (RAW) drafted to SmackDown!

But this wasn't the biggest shocker of the night. The reason this is called Deja Vu is because if anyone remembers last year's draft, Vince McMahon was "killed" in an explosion. After congratulating the $500,000 winner, pieces of the stage started falling down and coming undone. The very ramp that McMahon was standing on collapsed and the lighting containing his Million Dollar Mania sign fell on top of him.

Triple H, Cena and Edge helped members of the staff lift up the fixture, and McMahon was exclaiming that "he couldn't feel his legs." as RAW went off the air abruptly for USA's newest show "In Plain Sight."

We will have details on the condition of McMahon over the next few days. As of now, McMahon's Million Dollar Mania is suspended until further notice. In the process, tune in to this week's WWE programming as the newest members of the brands and the former members raise some hell on ECW and SmackDown!


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