University Of Kentucky Basketball: Every Fans Hidden Fear

Cookie GarrisContributor IJanuary 6, 2010

The beginning of this college basketball season for University of Kentucky fans is a dream come true. With a perfect record so far and a roster full of highlight reels, the era of Billy Gillispie has quickly been forgotten and space is already being made for multiple championship banners under John Calipari's present reign.

But deep inside of every UK fan lies a hidden fear that it seams no one is willing to write or talk about.

First, let me say that I am a UK fan and I am truly enjoying watching this incredibly talented team play. I also like seeing the players remaining from the Gillispie era actually smile when they play now.

It's also fun watching arguably the best college player in the country answer many questions I had posed in one of my earlier articles. In that even though he is only a freshman, John Wall has handled himself with a maturity beyond that of a normal freshman and not let his extreme confidence become an obnoxious arrogance.

But what if this dream come true becomes a nightmare? The last several years for the fans of UK basketball have been so gut-wrenching that most have blocked out the fact that Calipari has had final four trips with both UMass and Memphis erased by the NCAA over rules violations and won't even acknowledge the possibility that any wrongdoing has or ever will occur in the current program at UK. 

In Kentucky, The UK basketball coach is more well known than the governor and whoever is coaching UK would never disgrace the big blue.

Now I am not accusing Calipari of any current violations. The NCAA surely has UK and Calipari under a microscope and Calipari is an intelligent man, so I do not think he would let any of the NCAA infractions like those at UMass or Memphis happen again. But I could be wrong.

Like most UK fans, I let big blue madness blind me to the facts at times. But whatever the future holds, basketball fans are getting to see one of the best UK basketball teams to take the floor in many years. And even though John Wall is almost assured to be a one and done player, there are still plenty of games left to watch one of the better college players we have seen in many years blaze up and down the court.

UK fans, myself included, should not ignore the past and be naive enough to think that UK is impervious to the rules and the way the real world works.

So let the dream continue...

(Please post comments positive and negative and also discuss the state of coaching in college athletics today)