2010 Mlb Predictions(NL)

Sean MatraiContributor IJanuary 6, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 29:  World Series MVP Cole Hamels of the Philadelphia Phillies is presented with the MVP trophy by Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig and Fox SPorts reporter Chris Meyers after their 4-3 win against the Tampa Bay Rays during the continuation of game five of the 2008 MLB World Series on October 29, 2008 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Pool/Getty Images)
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1.Philies-Its going to be a close battle especially with the aquistion of Roy Halladay from the Blue Jays and the acquistion of Placido Polanco.Polanco is a definite Upgrade over feliz i feel as he is a career 300 hitter so it strengthens them there. The thingsthat might weaken them is that i belive Ibanez will not be the same player he was last year.I think he is weaking,The starting rotation will be a question because its Halladay+hamels whm is a question can he return tohis orginal for,Happ who is good ,and blanton and moyer,and the last flaw is the Bullpen which is a big question because who knows if lidge can return tofom theyn alsolook like they have no setup an as madson is a question

2.Mets-assuming they acquire some or a starting pitcher.Apparently they are after A pitcher such as pinerio or Sheets.Sheets would be a good risk if they can keep him Healthy ,and would be a good number 2 starter behind Santana.As far as their lineup it looks pretty solid.i see Reyes,Castillo,Beltran,Bay,Wright,Delagdo/Murphy, Francouer,Molina/Thole,and pitcher.

3.Braves-They "improved" somewhat i feel that the Braves really didnt improve that much because of one mistake they made.The mistake was Trading Javier Vasquez.I think the Braves shouldve kept vasquez as he would have been a key asset to their rotation and after that good season in 09 i was pretty assured they would keep him buit I was wrong.As far as the offense goes I feel that Troy Glaus was an upgrade but not something where i would be running home about.I think Atlanta wouldve been much more of a contender if they kept vasquez and maybe traded or signed a power-hitting outfielder such as Cameron,Bay,Or Holliday.

4.Marlins-Again im still not sure about Florida,if they trade Dan Uggla which may happen if the Marlins get a reasonable offer from any team,then i would definitley put them as fourth.But lets not forget this young club has an impressive hitter in Hanley and they also have a good solid young rotation aswell as a substantional bullpen.This team has a lot of fight aswell and i cannot even though i placed them fourth count them as not being contenders.

5.Nationals- yes even though they upgraded i still dont think that they would be contenders in 2010 as a matter of fact they will probably be around to near a .500 ballclub.Jason Marquis will definitley help them out in the rotationcand they do have zimmerman and dunn so lets not forget them.Although i think they should go after aroldis chapman because if they do their future would look very bright.



Unless Chicago has a Disney Magical Moment  season (forgot to add brewers making an impact)the cardnials will be close to being the Nl central champs again.They look like they will be getting back Holliday and this time he willbe with them for the full season and Albert-Holliday is always extremley Dangerous,aswell as a carpenter-wainwright 1-2 knockout punch so the Cards no doubt will top the NL centeral.

2.Millwakue Brewers-Wolf is a solid starter as so he proved with the Dodger faithful last year and nitdoes further better their rotation.And look for them to compete in 2010,also they have tons of power in Prince and Braun.

3.Chicago Cubs-Even after acquiring Marlon Byrd is till dont think the Cubs have althe pieces to compete and have the Disney Magic they once did in 2008.Although they do have a solid rotation and they have improved their power by acquiring byrd and bettered their teams attitude by ditching Milton Bradley thats Seattles problem Now. 

4.Houston Astros-Good team but still the Cubs made a good aquistion in byrd that I think will put them ahead of houston but still houston needs more to compete.Although they have Oswalt, Berkman and Lee.

5.Reds-they have votto and Phillips and thats about  it.Their starting rotation is not solid at all.Althoughiwill give them some credit though they did suffer through a little bit ofinjuries last year.They were so bad the Mets last year beat them.

6.Pittsburgh-No chance of Playoffs none zilch.I have no iddea what their ownership is thinking buy tarding away their key young talent such as morgan to make them weaker.Imean what are they thinking of next trading andrew mcuttchen to the Mets for some  ripped up prospect.

NL west

1.Arizona D-backs

why you ask they have such a commanding rotation now if it remains healthy it goes like this Webb,Haren,Jackson,(starter),petit that is amazing right there.THat should Make them good in the playoffs if they win the nl west ebecause of their deep rotation.And lets not for Forget Upton and Reynolds

2>SF Giants

Again a commanding roation of a 1-2 punch of Lincecum And Cain.and they also made a huge acquistion by acquiring derosa.And if they can get uggla Ijust may Pu he giants as #1.

3.Dodgers-maybe theyll playoffs maybe their rotaton is a little shaky now that wolf is  gone and their rpattion is a little iffy.The thing bright about them is that they have great young talent such as kershaw and billingsley in the rotation even if it is a little iffy and tthey have eitheir,kemp andmartin in starting ine along with furcal and Manny.

4.Rockies-If they have the magi they had last year,you can certanily count them as an in the playoffs ballot.But it seems like with marquis gone the rotation would be something to worry about,buuttheir lineup is pretty good with players such as fowler,tuliwitski,and hawpe aswell as atkins.

5.Padres-They will most certainlly be last,remeber not even peavy is on the tem anymore.The one thing they should do though is trade their all star 1st Baseman Adrian Gonzalez away during the midseason.And im sure there will be some bidders like the Red Sox now there a maybe since they signed beltre,The Mets absolutley if they dont resign delgado,and a canidite ven if they do,The Mariners could absolutley be in the sweeps so watch out.

NL wild card:Phillies


NLDS Mets vs D-backs Mets in 5

NLDS Phillies vs Cardnials Phillies in 4

NLCS Phillies vs Mets Mets in 7

World Series Mets vs AL listed in al who will win


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