Hewitt Hip: Solid Or Faulty?

heidi altermanContributor IJanuary 7, 2010

Despite Lleyton Hewitt's myriad injuries, he is a fighter, and will be ready for the Australian Open. Bad back, knobby knees, or hurting hip, Hewitt is an old fashioned, scrappy player who digs his heels in and always plays to win. 

With home court advantage and a faster paced surface with heat-deferring technology, Hewitt should fair well. Perhaps it is better for an Aussie to play on hotter courts with less pace, playing against opponents frequently ill-conditioned for the weather and courts that allow them time to run around the ball.

In Lleyton's case, a cooler court helps him as much as the field. Faster pace increases his chance of settling into a long cross court rally, where he tends to have his strongest edge. Players don't have the time to think about more than one shot at a time, and Hewitt is the king of taking charge in those points. 

My prediction: Hewitt will