History Of TNA and WWE But Who Is More Succesful

Hakeem KatesContributor IJanuary 8, 2010

Over the past few years,the wrestling fans around the world have been enjoying WWE and its storylines while others abandoned the sport.WWE and WCW went to war in the 90's.WWE is without a doubt,the richest wrestling company alive today and was the richest company even in those days.Even though WWE was very successful,they were having hard times trying to overcome WCW because of WCW creating groups such as the NWO,the four horsemen,and the NWO Wolfpac but also the fact that WCW beat WWE 84 weeks in a row.

It all seemed like it was going to be the end of WWE then named WWF but they came back strong by bringing in new superstars such as Kane,Stone Cold,The Rock,DX,The Undertaker,and many more.WWE even brought in a new stadium and with all of this said,it became called the attitude era.


WWE then began to beat WCW every week but the reason why WCW was failing was because of bad decisions.WCW started to spend a lot of money on things not really necessarily such as bringing in comedian/actor David Arquette and very lame storylines.Even WCW's new stars werent helping either.The only thing that was doing good for WCW was the NWO but that still wasnt enough because WWE still continued to get more superstars and even signed a couple of WCW's stars such as Chris Jericho,Perry Saturn,Chris Benoit,Eddie Guerrero,Big Show aka Paul "The Giant" Wight.

Then in 2001,WWE chairman Vince McMahon purchased WCW and ECW.After that happened,wrestling seemed kind of stale and WWE no longer had any more competition.Then,a year after the destruction of WCW and ECW,a new company formed in 2002.A company by the name of TNA was going into a different route than WWE which basically means,were moving over to a different audience.

TNA has created a name for itself by going to the disenchanted fans that no longer watched wrestling after the purchasing of WCW and ECW but TNA also gained attention from the hardcore fans that were into hardcore wrestling which is the style that TNA has.TNA hoped to win over WWE fans and most likely destroy WWE but over the last couple of years TNA has become relevant to fans but also very repetitive.

The only thing TNA has cared about is stealing WWE's fans by bringing in old WWE wrestlers or recently released WWE wrestlers that no long have involvement with WWE anymore and  disrespecting WWE by having the Voodo Kin Mafia mock DX on national television and showing Brother Runt aka Spike Dudley rip up contracts that WWE offered him to be part of the newly formed ECW.These actions would only anger the WWE fans and ECW fans as on an episode of ECW,the ECW fans chanted F*** TNA several times.

TNA really needs to watch what they make their wrestlers say but that also goes for the TNA fans as well because they are just as disrespectful as they are.Their fans have chanted things such as Who Needs Bret and booing a certain WWE superstar's name when mentioned by a TNA superstar or employee.

TNA could eventually be sued for these actions by WWE which tells that TNA doesnt really make smart decisions.There was also a time when WWE had Wrestlemania 23,a couple of TNA planes flew in there and it seemed as if TNA was trying to do an invasion which is something the WWE tried to do to WCW on an episode of Raw back in the attitude era days.

On January 4th,2010 TNA went head to head with WWE for one night.It was the first time two rival wrestling companies aired on a monday night at the same time since 2001.TNA's only show,TNA Impact went head to head with WWE's most important and main show,Raw.Both shows had incredible nights as TNA had the return of Hulk Hogan who is now working with the company and the president of TNA,Dixie Carter.WWE Raw had the return of the legendary Bret "The Hitman Hart" which was his first appearance on Raw in 12 years.

More surprises on TNA were the appearances of Scott Hall,Sean Waltman aka X-Pac (who were together as the NWO along with Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash),Jeff Hardy,Ric Flair,and Orlando Jordan who were also part of the WWE in the past.

On WWE Raw,other shocking moments were when Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels shook hands and hugged in the middle of the ring and eventually buried the hatchet from the montreal screwjob where Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels took the WWE Title from Bret Hart and had Shawn Michaels do the sharpshooter on him and called for the bell when Bret Hart never really tapped out in the middle of the ring of his own home country of Canada.

When the results came out,WWE had the better ratings and the better show because of the long awaited return of Bret Hart which in my opinion beats out the return of Hulk Hogan and every other little appearance that stars such as Scott Hall,Orlando Jordan,Jeff Hardy,and X-Pac made all togehter.

Believe it or not,TNA has become really repetitive since it got big.TNA has been only relying on WWE's stars,ECW's stars,and WCW's stars.Then they all wind up doing the same thing which is being released from their contracts.Another thing is thatTNA has even been doing the same matches every week such as Steel Cage matches,Table matches,Ladder Matches,Hardcore matches,and every other gimmick match they can think of.That's why WWE stays smart,does normal matches a lot,and only does these gimmicky matches on special occastions such as pay-per-views and important storylines.

It takes a lot more than gimmicky matches and bringing in wrestlers from the 90's,80's,and 70's to impress casual fans.Dont get me wrong,TNA does attract viewers by bringing in these wrestlers because it is always nice to see these familliar faces again but they cant be doing it all of the time and should instead considering bringing in new stars.The only new stars that TNA has are Samoa Joe,AJ Styles,Jay Lethal,Christopher Daniels,and a quite few more but none other than that,they have a lot more stars that are old than new.

If TNA wants to be successful,they better start realizing that they cant be always relying on WWE,ECW,and WCW stars just all of the time.As a matter of fact,TNA has been doing it mostly every week.The reason why this is so bad is because its the same as waiting for another company to do hard work into developing a new star and you just pick the star up like that after they get released.

It is as if TNA is being lazy.If TNA continues to be lazy and only rely on these stars,they will end up just like WCW and ECW but also become another name for WWE to add to the list of companies they have destroyed.With that said,TNA only attracts fans that dont watch wrestling anymore and the fans that like hardcore action paced wrestling.They dont attract fans that are new to the wrestling world.

So what do you fans think?Do you think WWE will continue to succeed and do you think TNA will fail eventually?