Fun Times with the U.S. Women's National Team - Q&A Edition

Kat GalsimCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2010

In parts one and two of the series, we established that the players of the U.S. Women's National Team are a hoot. In this special Q&A edition, we will now see what these ladies think about their teammates.

Five National Team players have separately agreed to participate in this project. Presenting Sky Blue FC's Natasha "Tash" Kai (also known as "TK"), Philadelphia Independence's Heather Mitts, Saint Louis Athletica's Lori Chalupny and Hope Solo, and Washington Freedom's Cat Whitehill.

UPDATED 2/12/10: Washington Freedom's Abby Wambach and Sky Blue FC's Heather O'Reilly have jumped on board as well.

These ladies have accepted the challenge to answer the following questions about their teammates:

Who's always late?

Natasha Kai : "A-Rod. Amy Rodriguez."

Heather Mitts : "We're all on time. Always punctual."

Lori Chalupny : "We don't really have anybody late. We always go by the motto 'Early is on time, on time is late,' so everybody's like at least 10 minutes early everywhere we go. I don't know, I can't think of anybody. Like if you're five minutes early, everybody's waiting on you. We've grown up with this, 'Don't be late, don't be late, don't be late' [mentality] so we've keeps getting earlier and earlier though."

Cat Whitehill : "Carli Lloyd. She never wants to get anywhere on time. Like she'll sit in her room for 10 minutes before going to a meal."

Hope Solo : "Ha! The first person that comes to mind is Tina Ellertson."

Abby Wambach: "Hmm... Hope Solo."

Heather O'Reilly: "(Laughs) I am very frequently tardy. That's for sure. Never for like official team stuff, I get real nervous about that. But if a couple of us are gonna jump out and go to dinner or something like that and say 'Meet at the lobby at 6:30,' I'll usually pop in at 6:40 or so. For some reason I think that just runs in the family. Being a little bit tardy, ten minutes tardy. But who else, who else is late... ah, can't think of anybody. I'd probably say me."

Who's the loudest ?

Kai : "Besides me?"

Mitts : "Abby Wambach."

Chalupny : "Tash."

Whitehill : "Abby. You can't hear yourself think with Abby. But you kinda get used to tuning her out 'cause she's always like, 'Just tune me out.' She knows how loud she is, it's funny. But it's always so quiet when she's not there so you kinda miss Abby when she's not there 'cause you miss the loudness.

Solo : "Abby, for sure."

Wambach : "Uh probably me."

O'Reilly : "I'd have to say Abby for that one. Abby is always the storyteller at team meals, always speaking up at team meetings and definitely the most vocal on the field. Especially if she misses a shot."

Who has the biggest personality ?

Kai : "Abby. Abby Wambach."

Chalupny : "Tash. She's just too easy of a target."

Whitehill : "The first one that comes to mind would be Heather O'Reilly. She pulls off some moves, like some really dorky moves, that are awesome. And she just doesn't care and I like it."

Solo : "I don't know how to answer that, there's so many different personalities! Hmm...biggest personality (laughs) that's so hard! We have so many different quirky personalities. Let me think, I'm gonna throw a different one at you...hmm Lauren Cheney is up there with locker room personality. Yeah, she's quite a dancer."

Who's the funniest ?

Kai : "Hmm...everyone is funny in their own way."

Mitts : "I would say Lori Lindsey right now."

Chalupny : "I'd say HAO, Heather O'Reilly."

Whitehill : "Lori Lindsey. She makes me laugh 100% of the time."

Solo : "I'm gonna give it to my girl Carli because of her sarcasm."

Wambach : "Lori Lindsey."

O'Reilly : "Tasha Kai is pretty funny for sure. Lori Lindsey is another one that cracks us all up. And I think Tobin Heath is pretty funny, just her lifestyle and her laidback attitude. She's a very funny presence and [has a] very healthy outlook on what's important and what's not important."

Who's the best dancer in the locker room ?

Kai : "Tarp. Lindsay Tarpley." (Galsim: "Really?") "No, she's probably the worst but I'll just give her that. It'll make her happy."

Mitts : "Well I would say TK but [she hasn't been with the team recently] so...we don't have anybody right now, it's a pretty mellow group. I was pretty disappointed in Germany, I'm not gonna lie. I mean you really only have like a handful of players that can get up there and dance, but right now I try to get everybody out in the dance floor and it was just Abby Wambach and I. Yeah, that wasn't the same. We miss TK and Tarp."

Chalupny : "Man, Tash is like the winner of everything! Okay I'll give that award to Cheney."

Whitehill : "Lauren Cheney. She doesn't do it enough, but when she pulls it out it's pretty amazing."

Solo : "I gotta stick with Lauren Cheney. It would have been Natasha Kai, but I'm gonna stick with Cheney. Have you gotten a lot of 'Natasha Kai' answers?"

Wambach : "Lauren Cheney."

O'Reilly : "Best dancer award definitely does not go to myself. That would probably go to Tash, or actually Christie Rampone has got some serious rhythm. You wouldn't necessarily think so but she's a good dancer. Those two for sure. Abby gives it her best, that's for sure. Everybody kinda like does her own thing before games, you know everybody gets focused for games the right way, in the way that helps them? And Abby and I, that usually means staying loose and just dancing and having fun. Even if neither of us can dance. But for other people it might mean kinda staying mellow and listening to music and kinda being in their zone. So sometimes we don't get a lot of real good look of everybody. Just the rare few of us that are up before a game. (When learning about Mitts' disappointment in Germany) Oh I resent that, I was also going. Yeah Mitts is always the deejay, she always makes the playlist for the iPod in the locker room. She's on deejay duty. She's always up and going. But yeah I resent that, maybe she meant that there weren't any good dancers up and dancing."

Who's the best roommate you've ever had ?

Kai : "Christie Rampone 'cause she's so laid back. She's just a good roommate."

Mitts : "Carli Lloyd."

Chalupny : "Tarp and I always room together during the major events so I'll put Tarp. Lindsay Tarpley."

Whitehill : "That's a really hard question. I'm going through the list in my head, who's a good roommate? I guess I would say Lindsay Tarpley. She's a good roommate."

Solo : "Shannon Boxx is a good roommate."

Wambach : "I would say Tobin Heath."

O'Reilly : "Oh that's a great question. I think that Lindsay Tarpley is the best roommate that you could ask for. She's reliable, she's thoughtful, she's one of my best friends out there, she'll never let me be late to stuff, and she's a great teammate."

Who's the biggest shopaholic ?

Kai : "Heather Mitts."

Mitts : "I'd say me."

Chalupny : "Mittsy. Heather Mitts."

Whitehill : "It's a tie between Leslie Osborne and Heather Mitts."

Solo : "Carli. I almost said 'Heather Mitts' but Mitts is pretty good with her money. Carli, she likes to get a little crazy when she goes shopping." (When learning that everybody else answered 'Heather Mitts') "NOOO Heather Mitts shops a lot but she is very choosy with what she buys. So, people are getting fooled. And she's always everbody's shopping friend, she shops with every single person who goes. She goes [shopping] a lot, but Carli buys more."

Wambach : "Hmm... not me. I have no idea. I don't go shopping so I don't even know that answer."

O'Reilly : "I think for the most part people are pretty conservative with their shopping sprees. I'd say Lauren Cheney is one that comes home with some swag sometimes. And let's see, who else, Heather Mitts does well for herself sometimes shopping."

Who's the biggest football fan ?

Kai : "Cat Whitehill."

Mitts : "Cat Whitehill."

Chalupny : "Cat. That's like no question. I bet we're unanimous on that one."

Whitehill : "Oh yeah that's me. I'll say that. I don't think there's anybody close to me. I talk about it, I am obsessed with it, I want to be a sideline reporter for college football, like, I won't shut up about it. If you're my roommate and it's a Saturday during the fall, then you don't have a choice but to watch football all day. So people would probably say I'm the worst roommate 'cause I don't give you a choice."

Solo : "Cat, that's easy."

Wambach : "Cat Whitehill."

O'Reilly : "No doubt Cat Whitehill. She is the ultimate college football fan. I don't know how much she gets into the NFL but her commitment to college football definitely takes the cake."

Who's the best prankster ?

Kai : "Me. I'd have to put me. [The funnel game] was Mittsy's idea though, not mine. I'd never heard about it until she told me."

Mitts : "I'm gonna go with me again. I was going around scaring everybody in Germany. TK made [the funnel game] fun though. I couldn't have done it without her."

Chalupny : "Heather Mitts."

Whitehill : "We don't really have a whole lot of pranksters, I guess I'd have to put Abby in that category again. 'Cause she doesn't really prank per se but she does things that people wouldn't want...done to them. If that makes any sense."

Solo : "I guess it would've been Tash. We'll say Tash."

Wambach : "Umm... I don't know. Probably Mittsy?"

O'Reilly : "Mitts is pretty funny with that kind of stuff. And Abby."

Who's the best teammate to pull a prank on ?

Kai : "Probably Heather [O'Reilly]. She falls for everything."

Mitts : "Rachel Buehler. I scared her in Germany and, you had to be there but, you should have seen her reaction. It was hilarious. HAO's pretty good too though."

Chalupny : "Rachel Buehler. Everybody's good but Rachel's pretty funny."

Whitehill : "Leslie Osborne is a good one to pull a prank on. She just takes it well. Heather O'Reilly is another good one 'cause she's pretty gullible. But I'd say Leslie is who Abby picks on the most."

Solo : "Mitts, for sure. She pulls a lot of pranks, but when you get her, it's good."

Wambach : "Heather O'Reilly (laughs). You should ask her. You should tell her [this] and explain why. Tell her I wouldn't say why. This is like an in-house-keep-it-a-secret sort of prank. And she was the one that I pranked, and it was funny for me but not funny for her."

O'Reilly : "(When learning that she's a popular answer) That's funny, that's funny. That's because they're all referring to this one prank that I'm not gonna get into but that's why I'm a popular answer. Yeah, well, you know what I'm not gonna say myself. I'd say Abby. Because if she dishes it, she should be able to take it. (After being informed about what Abby said) Hahaha, that's funny. But sorry you're not gonna get it out of me."

Who's the most competitive off the field ?

Kai : "I would say everyone. We're athletes, we're all competitive and we all hate losing no matter what game we're playing or what we're doing. [At the bus wave back game ] people were getting pissed off when they weren't getting waves back (laughs)."

Mitts : "I'd have to say Shannon Boxx."

Chalupny : "Oh man, that's a tough one. Everybody's so competitive. When we get those ping pong tournaments going every now and then, that can ruin somebody's day (laughs)."

Whitehill : "We're all pretty competitive I guess, but I would say Barnie. Nicole Barnhart. 'Cause she's so good at everything. Like crosswords, 'I'm already finished with my crossword!' And Scrabble, she dominates Abby in Scrabble."

Solo : "I think me. What did everybody else say...Oh, get outta here! Barnie?!"

Wambach : "I would say Hope Solo is competitive."

O'Reilly : "You know what it's honestly too hard to say because everybody is super competitive. And just because some people are vocal about it, doesn't mean that they're more competitive, you know? So I would say that you can't get to this point, unless you're like psycho competitive. So I would say that's definitely too hard to say."

Who's the biggest bookworm ?

Kai : "Rachel Buehler."

Mitts : "Hope Solo. She brings a lot of books, I don't know if she reads them all. She's got me faked out."

Chalupny : "Hope Solo. She always brings a lot of books."

Whitehill : "I would say Amy LePeilbet. She was pulling some stuff at camp about all these books and I was like, 'I didn't know you read that much.' She's like, 'Yeah I really like to read.' So I'd say Amy LePeilbet. She names authors! I don't even remember the authors' names. But people were talking about their books and she's like, 'Oh yeah well lalala' and just giving me information and I was so impressed. I mean if you know the authors then you know you're a bookworm."

Solo : "Ooh that would be me and Stephanie Cox."

Wambach : "Barnie. Nicole Barnhart."

O'Reilly : "Actually I think Hope Solo reads quite a bit. I would probably say her. She always has the most amount of books, I'm not sure if she actually reads them or not. She appears to be the biggest bookworm."

Who's the best singer ?

Kai : "We're all good in our own way...actually! Actually, Angela Hucles is a really good singer."

Mitts : "Hmm...again, Tash was not [in any recent U.S. WNT trips]...I don't know the answer to that one."

Chalupny : "Probably Tash again, darn it!"

Whitehill : "It would probably be Tash. She's probably the best singer."

Solo : "Tash. Best dancer and singer. She tried out for American Idol."

Wambach : "Pia"

O'Reilly : "Tash has a pretty good voice, I'm trying to think if there's anybody else, which is sad that I can't even think of two people. I'd say that Tash is the only person that has any music talent in the group. She gets it from her dad. Her dad's a musician."

Bonus: What's your go-to karaoke song?

Mitts : "Summer Lovin'"

Chalupny : "Oh man...umm...umm...I'll say 'Don't Stop Believing' by Journey."

Whitehill : "My go-to is 'I Will Survive.' 'Cause you can kinda scream that and sound pretty good."

Wambach : "'My go-to karaoke? 'Alone' by Celine Dion."

O'Reilly : "Gotta be 'Don't Stop Believing' by Journey. That's a solid one. Or of course, being from Jersey, I would be wrong if I didn't say Bon Jovi. So any of Bon Jovi's stuff."



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