Recruiting Fact: Lower Expectations Breed Better Prospects On-Field

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2010

With news of Tim Tebow deciding to play in the Senior Bowl, I thought it necessary to praise the guy for his accomplishments.

"Boy for a stupid guy, he sure was one hell of a football player."

Yeah, people may not know this, but Mr. Superman, with his homeschool degree, failed to show up for his SAT test. I mean, he showed up, but a 890 isn't something to give an award out for.

Even with this dreadful score, Tebow joined Florida's football program and created a legend for himself. This use of "Academic Standards"   is just one advantage that the Southeastern Conference continues to hold on major college football.

Let's be honest here folks, Southeastern , is one word, so let's not act too surprised that the SE C is an acronymic anomoly. Spelling doesn't count in this league.

With that obvious error out of the way, the fact remains that lower standards brought upon by this conference gives recruits confidence into putting their names on their Letters of Intent.

Example : Everybody remembers when Jevan Snead and Colt McCoy were set to battle it out for the Longhorns starting quarterback position. After missing out on the starters' role, Snead left for Florida and then finally arrived at Ole Miss.

Facts : Florida and Texas both rank in the top 50 academically, Ole Miss is ranked in the third tier, un-ranked and assumed below the top 350.

Could the fear of academics have moved Snead to Mississippi? Remember, he has decided to go pro after a horrific Junior season.

Academic standards are another issue that certain leagues must deal with. Schools such a Boston College, Duke, Georgia Tech, Virginia, North Carolina, and Wake Forest are all inclined to continue their rich academic history while balancing athletics.

Tears should be shed yearly for Vanderbilt as they play in the S eC while being the only academic university in the conference. To be fair, Florida and Georgia are in the top 60, but Vanderbilt is ranked No. 17.

While nobody wants to say this, the fact is that every athlete is not always as bright as a candle. Academics can and do scare kids away from universities in the ACC and Big Ten, as well as the Big East.

The same cannot be said for the Southeastern Conference, minus Vanderbilt.

Now I understand that the NCAA allows for any athlete to score a 18 on their ACT and qualify for a Division 1-A scholarship. But, lets not just assume that all schools are allowing the minimum into their university.

Last Year Florida's football team had the largest margin when comparing their SAT scores to the student body, 346 points.

Here's a list of Top Ten and Bottom Ten SAT Scores:

  • Georgia Tech, 1028
  • Oregon State, 997
  • Michigan, 997
  • Virginia, 993
  • Purdue, 974
  • Indiana, 973
  • Hawaii, 968
  • California, 967
  • Colorado, 966
  • Iowa, 964


  • School, Average
  • Oklahoma State, 878
  • Louisville, 878
  • Memphis, 890
  • Florida, 890
  • Texas Tech, 901
  • Arkansas, 910
  • Texas A&M, 911
  • Mississippi State, 911
  • Washington State, 916
  • Michigan State, 917

Three teams from the SEC are in the Bottom 10, nobody from the SEC is in the Top 10, this includes Vanderbilt.

Sad day for academia


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