Bill Cowher Named Bengals New Coach! ..........It Makes Too Much Sense!

Tom LaPineCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2010

 The Marvin Lewis era should be over in Cincinnati. Bring on a real coach. Someone that isn't afraid of getting in a player's face and holding them accountable for poor performance.

Chad Ocho-Cinco meet Bill Cowher. Try that prima donna crap now!

 The 2009 Cincinnati Bengals broke their fan's hearts again, but this time it really hurts. They played well enough to give fans hope then snatched the rug out from under their feet. With the talent so close in the NFL, the head coach could make all the difference in winning and losing.

 Most Bengal fans are probably thinking that I've lost my mind, "Bill Cowher? The Pittsburgh Steelers ex-coach, Bill Cowher"? You bet your ass! The Bengals are talented enough to win in this league. Now it's time to get that talent to play as a team.

 Marvin Lewis has a winning record with the Bengals. Does he? Or does his very first draft choice, Carson Palmer? I'm not trying to say that Carson Palmer is the best QB in the league, but Carson's record doesn't include all the 2008 losses like Marvin's record does.

 Now is the time for a disciplinarian like Cowher. The Bengals showed vast improvement in 2009, but they still make the same old mistakes. The overall talent has improved, but Marvin is not getting the best play out of that talent. Marvin has peaked as our head man, now bring in Bill Cowher while we have some players he can win with.

 I know, I know, Cowher would never come to Cincinnati, but you can bet the ranch that the Bengals would be a better team with him.