Shaquille O'Neal's Rap: Disgrace to the NBA and Kobe Bryant

Allen LieuCorrespondent IJune 24, 2008

Lakers fans, we've witnessed what happened in the relationship between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. The "dynamic" duo played together with the Lakers, where they won three championships, but also had a huge falling out with one another after failing to win their fourth championship. Who meant more for the Lakers? Was it going to be Kobe? Was it going to be Shaq?

Well, Shaq got traded to Miami and Kobe was signed for seven more years to wear the purple and gold. Shaq took no time to blast his former team and take huge shots at Kobe. He promptly won one championship with the Heat before getting shipped off to the Suns.

As the years have progressed, Kobe and Shaq's relationship has always been under scrutiny.

Well, Shaq just brought himself down to an all-time low. I understand if you have "beef" with another player, but to be captured on video blasting your former teammate is just flat-out sad. Kobe did it with Andrew Bynum, but after Bynum started to play really well, it was put behind them.

I always thought that Shaq was a cool guy with the Lakers. He would always be messing around and joking with the media. Shaq is still a huge icon in the NBA, and he probably has a lot of people who look up to him. So, when little kids hear Shaq blasting Kobe, they might get the impression that it is acceptable to blast a teammate.

The NBA has tried hard to get rid of their thuggish image, but Shaq is just adding fuel to the fire. We all swear when we're frustrated ,but not to the point where you tell someone off.

Shaq was freestyling about Kobe and how without Shaq, he has yet to win another championship. Shaq does not realize that he's not getting any younger. Oh, yeah! Did Shaq make it to the Finals this year? The Spurs stomped all over the Suns.

Shaq said his rap was in plain fun. I guess throwing in some racial slurs and talking smack about a former teammate is all fun. Shaq even blamed his divorce on Kobe, which is just flat-out stupid. What next? Shaq is probably going to blame Kobe for rising gas prices or he might blame him for letting him get traded to the Suns.

His whole freestyle rap is also forcing him to turn in his two police badges, where his conduct is not up to par of a law enforcement officer. He makes police officers look back by freely using derogatory language and racial slurs to attack others.

Kobe has yet to respond, but wait until next season. If you see a blurry 24 dunking on Shaq, there's your answer.

Kobe has put this feud behind him. It's time to let go, Shaq. It's been almost four years since the split. No need to keep reminiscing about the past. Kobe still has a lot of left in him. I believe the Lakers will make it to the Finals again, and don't worry—Kobe might have more rings than Shaq.