2010 Wwe Draft Predictions (Draft Date Revealed)

Mackenzie HelmsCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2010

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I don't know the exact date for the 2010 Wwe Draft but it's going to be soon after Wrestlemania 26. Finding that out got me psyched so I'm going to reveal my 2010 Draft predictions in this article. I know that Ecw is going to be cancelled but I'm still going to make Ecw Draft predictions too just because I dont know the other brand's name yet.

1. CM Punk drafted to Raw: I feel that CM Punk should get drafted back to Raw because I don't think that there are many top faces he can feud with on Smackdown. On Raw he can have some fresh feuds with John Cena, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels.

2. Christian drafted to Smackdown: When I heard that Christian returned on Ecw I was disappointed. I was disappointed because Christian is main event talent and he should be on one of the bigger shows. Despite that he's been good on Ecw but during the draft I want him to go to Smackdown where he could become a main event face.

3. MVP drafted to Ecw: As mentioned on my other article MVP has no role on Raw besides putting over Mark Henry as a face. If he was too get drafted to Ecw he could fill the place that Christian had and become Ecw's top face. He would probably win the Ecw Championship if drafted to Ecw.

4. Jack Swagger drafted to Smackdown: I believe that Jack Swagger hasn't had much of a role on Raw lately either. Swagger is a gifted athlete and Smackdown is the show for a wrestler like Jack Swagger. If he was on Smackdown then I wouldn't mind him feuding with R-Truth.

5. The Hart Dynasty drafted to Raw: It's being said that Bret Hart might be Raw's New GM. If this rumor was true then why not move The Hart Dynasty to Raw and further their career by feuding for the Unified Championship with DX (if they are still champions). I think we've seen enough matches between them and Cryme Tyme.

6. Ted Dibiase drafted to Smackdown: Rumor has it that Ted Dibiase is going to leave the Legacy and turn face. I'm pretty sure that it's true. I think that Dibiase should move to Smackdown. If he does then I think he should also leave Raw and move on to Smackdown where he can feud with Chris Jericho.

7. Batista drafted to Raw: I think Batista moving to Smackdown was one of the stupidest moves in 2009. Smackdown was always supposed to be a wrestling show. Batista's character is meant to be on Raw and I think he should draft to Raw where he can recapture the Wwe Championship.

8. Kane drafted to Ecw: Kane's probably one of the most unpredictable superstars in the history of the Wwe. Him drafting to Ecw would help Ecw tremendously and ratings would go up very high if they would put Kane in a interesting storyline.

9. Drew Mcintyre drafted to Raw:  Let's face it, this young star is the future of the Wwe. He's being endorsed by "the big dogs" in the company and was personally signed by Mr.Mcmahon. I think if they really want him to become a main eventer then he should feud with Triple H.

10. Chris Masters drafted to Smackdown: I think Chris Masters could make a big impact on Smackdown. He can also capture his first singles gold in the Wwe by winning the Intercontinental Champion.

11. R-truth drafted to Raw: I'm all up for R-truth moving to Raw. He's over with the fans, he's got charisma, and he's got the wrestling skills. If he does move to Raw I see him feuding with Cody Rhodes.

12. Big show drafted to Smackdown: If Batista was drafted to Raw then the big man spot is open for the show and there's no better candidate then the Big Show. He's a monster heel he could dominate the Smackdown roster.

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