WWE Superstars That Should "Cross The Line" To TNA!

Victor JordanCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2010

Over The years many stars from WWE have jumped over to TNA,and i though i'd name some WWE Superstars that i think should join TNA Wrestling.

1.Jack Swagger-In my own honest opinion i think Swagger is soon to be cut from the WWE Main Roster(without being sent to FCW for re-development). Honestly unless WWE drafts Swagger to ECW in April,or May whenever the 2010 Draft is(which is said to be after WM26),then there's no hope for Swagger being a Top Star in the promotion. It's been reported that WWE Creative has lost all faith in the 2-Time All American,American,and it's quite sad especially with the fact that Swagger has proven that he can still very well put on great matches(EX:His Draft match with John Cena,as well as his second bout with Cena),and Swagger is also a great talker on the mic,minus the lisp of course,but with him steady being put in and out of big Mid-Card storylines and matches what's the point in keeping him on TV? Swagger got much praise from the WWE during his final days in FCW,and early beginnings on ECW,and the fact that they give up on him just like that doesn't seem right,when again Swagger has proven he still has potential to be a Top Player. I think the best move for Jack Swagger would be for him to request his release,and give TNA a swirl. I can see TNA doing for Jack Swagger what they've done to "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero. Just look at who he was in WWE,Elijah Burke,the man Vince McMahon hand picked as "The Future of ECW",but McMahon,and Creative flopped on Burke(over a lame ass,but true comment on the WWE Divas),and when he made the jump to TNA,things couldn't have been better,Hulk Hogan is reportedly a big fan of Burke's ring work,and i see him talking to Creative about having Dinero be Champion before Summer,or atleast the year is out if TNA continues to go with the "pushing young talent" route,and the same transition of character can very well happen to Swagger if he were to go to TNA.


2.Carlito-Let's face it Carlito has been on a thin thread since 2006,he's gone back and fourth between winning Championships,jobbing,and not being on WWE TV at all. It's no secret that Carlito is said to be lazy,and uncontributive to his WWE Career,but who could blame him? When Creative is so two sided with you,you'd be up to the point where you didn't give a damn either. Infact i'm still shocked Carlito hasn't been in TNA,or working for WWC full-time already. Carlito is a great worker on the mic,and his in ring skills aren't bad either,so he could be of great help to TNA. One reason that may have saved Carlito from getting released when he missed months of TV time early last year,is the fact that his little brother Primo had joined FCW,and was close to being called up to the Main Roster(which happened with Carlito & the younger Carlon forming a tag team with each other,becoming the first WWE Unified Tag Team Champions together). It's clear that Creative can't keep a good long storyline going with Carlito now,but i honestly believe that Carlito could have gotten the very same push John Cena got in 2004-05. Back then Carlito had great momentum,as well as charisma,and could have easily gotten the same Main Event run Cena got,and i think it was a mistake for WWE not to have given him that same push.


3.Cryme Tyme-Ever since the duo returned to WWE from their release a few years ago,they've been red hot,or should i say we're red hot.Cryme Tyme should have been Tag Team Champions years before they started getting so many random title shots that they've gotten as of late. I don't know what the problem is,but WWE always seems to fail at marketing Cryme Tyme as big time Tag Team Stars,everytime WWE tries to push Cryme Tyme,they fail to deliver,rather its on RAW or SmackDown it's a big flop for Cryme Tyme on WWE's part. Seeing how TNA has great booking/pushing skills when it comes to young tag team Stars(hope they don't screw up with Generation ME),and Cryme Tyme could easily become huge in TNA.


4.Evan Bourne-Again another Star that's been in and out of big Mid-Card storylines. I was really hoping Bourne would pin Sheamus,in order to face him at the Royal Rumble a week or so ago,but sadly it didn't happen. WWE has failed to utilize on Bourne's talents time after time(apparently he has a problem with pot as well),and he's just being wasted,which is something i kind of figured would happen once he got Drafted to RAW last year. I know Bourne had a short lived stint in TNA before,but seeing how huge he is now,he could contribute greatly to the X-Division,and bring some fresh life to it.


5.Gregory Helms-There's no denying that Helms is probably one of,if not the best WWE Superstar on the mic in the Under-Card(not with the crappy revamping of The Hurricane though),and he proved this during his first heel turn as Gregory Helms. It's sad to think that there isn't a place in the WWE for someone like Helms in the WWE with the now dead Crusierweight Division,and Vince McMahon only seeing most potential in big guys. Helms has really been held back,and lost major momentum ever since his injury,and the return of his Hurricane gimmick,and it's hurting his chances of being a Top Star greatly,i've always thought Helms has what it takes to be an Upper-Midcarder at best with his mic skills,and great in ring skills. But being on ECW,a failed return of a revamped gimmick,and an injury that greatly damaged his chances,is what may be Helms downfall in the WWE,and i'm hoping the rumors of Helms asking for his release,to form a tag team with Shannon Moore in TNA is true. With Helms mic skills he could honestly make the X-Division his own,and it could be seen as the Heavyweight Division's equal like it was in TNA so many years ago.


6.Matt Hardy-This may be a fan favorite choice. Just like myself many fans have been sick of Matt Hardy's lack of Main Event pushes in the WWE,and i think it's a major waste. Hardy has great in ring charisma,as well as a great mic worker,and i was really hoping his last heel turn would have been what was necessary to turn him into a legit Main Eventer,but once again WWE has failed to deliver. With the rumors of friend Gregory Helms joining TNA,as well as little brother Jeff Hardy,and fellow friend Shannon Moore being in the organization,there's no reason for Matt Hardy to deal with his WWE mistreatment any longer.Hardy could be a great pick up for TNA,and if TNA we're to reform The Hardyz tag team,then Merchandise sales would improve more then 10 fold. And i'd also like to see a potential stable of The Hardys,Moore,and Helms in TNA as well(seeing their past in the Hardy's OMEGA promotion).


7.Charlie Haas-Ok in all honesty WWE could not have been any stupider in not marketing Haas' in ring talents. Now i'm not a Charlie Haas mark or anything,but i've respected his in ring work for a very long time. Haas is arguably one of WWE's greatest mat workers,and the WWE has failed to utilize his skills. According to reports Haas had plans to jump to TNA,due to Kurt Angle having a spot on the roster for him,as well as a push for him,but WWE idiotically gave Haas a raise instead of some kind of push. Kind of funny how WWE openly complains about the Economy,but wastes their money on stupid shit like this,and comic books. Haas is a rare case,he's a guy that doesn't necessarily need a gimmick in order to have a connection with the crowd,other examples are Angle,Eddie Guerrero(he connected before the Lie,Cheat,Steal gimmick),and others. And TNA could use Haas very well.


8.Shelton Benjamin-Not much to say here,but Benjamin is pretty much the same case as Haas. Only problem with Benjamin is his mic work,which has improved since he moved to SmackDown.

All of these Stars could make great contributions to TNA,and also their careers if they were to jump ships,and i hope atleast half of them do.