Putting All The Blame On Vince Carter.

Mark Joshua Castro@AirJoshuaCastroContributor IJanuary 14, 2010


The Orlando Magic is blaming Vince Carter for their recent 4 game losing streak. The team thinks that the reason that they won the next 2 games after the 4 game losing streak was because Vince was out injured. They also think that J.J. Redick would be a better starter than Vince. In other words, they're putting all the blame on Vince Carter.

It's like the whole Orlando community forgot the good start of their team even without Rashard Lewis on their first ten games. They also forgot that when Vince got injured and left the game against the Pistons with 8min remaining, the Magic's couldn't get away with the win. But the most important thing that people forget is their humiliating 72-104 lost against the Thunder. I know they were shorthanded without Vince, Rashard, and Ryan, but that also proves that Redick can't go against the likes of Durant and Sefolosha? Maybe a few might notice, but the Orlando Magic's were playing better when Jameer was injured. And maybe only a few notices that Dwight's play in the post is starting to become predictable and stoppable.


The way Shaq limited him to 11pts, the way Boozer defended him in the post when they lost against the Jazz, the way Perkins and Rasheed limited him with 9 and 5pts when the Magic's were against them. Is that Vince's fault too? 

How about the inconsistent offense and inability to rebound of Rashard Lewis?

How about the missed free throws of Jason Williams against the Heat after the clutch 3pt shot from Vince?

How about Stan Van Gundy ordering him to shoot every time? There was even an interview that SVG scolded him for passing.

And the fact that the entire team fails to deliver when they're against elite teams, is it Vince's fault too?

In fact, Vince is the only one playing good basketball against elite teams. Can you even imagine the first quarter of their second game against Boston, only two players scored for the Magic, and that was VC and MP. And VC was the one who kept the game tight for the Magic during that game.

They're saying that the standings of the Orlando Magic aren't as good as it was last year. It's true, but can't we see that almost all of the elite teams don't have a better record than what they have last year during this point of the season.

The thing is this, maybe the capability of averaged teams to beat the elite teams have improved as well as their standards.  Now, the Magic lost to the Nuggets without Vince Carter, would he take the blame again for being injured?


Maybe the fact is the Orlando Magic is pressuring Vince Carter since he got into the team. SVG always wants him to take the shot almost every time he touches the ball, Dwight is not unstoppable as he was last year and at the same time he's whining that the locker room atmosphere had changed, Lewis's offense and rebounding problems, Jameer's shoot first mentality and defensive liability, unhappy Gortat and Bass.

Fact is that Vince gets more pressure than credit. When he even hit the clutch shot against the Heat, only the bench was fired up, not Dwight Howard, nor Lewis and Nelson. When he took over the game twice against Boston who was pumping him up?

Maybe the problem is the team not acting it together and not moving on with a redemption on the back of their minds. This is not the right way to act as a team when you're losing. This is not the right attitude from a team who just won the Eastern Conference title. Blaming all the fault on Vince or in one player is not a champion's attitude.

Maybe the Spurs can teach them in that department. Starting slow but still intact.   Not pointing fingers to one player when they're losing, they keep it together. That's how professionals act, that's how a championship team reacts.


And who would u rather pick? A guy named Vince Carter that contributes for your team when their opponent is an elite team, but sometimes struggle against the weak ones?  Or a guy named Hedo that would contribute against weak teams but would choke against the elite ones?