KRiZZ@ChristianCrudeContributor IIJanuary 15, 2010

      Ok I was reading someone's article(Something like RVD in Genesis) and they said RVD had a short-term contract with TNA to see if he liked the program.  Well I went to wikipedia & it said " Robert "Rob" Alexander Szatkowski[1] (born December 18, 1970)[1] is an American professional wrestler and actor, better known by his ring name, Rob Van Dam (frequently shortened to RVD), currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)."-

I did a little more research & I found this posted January 10, 2010,

    "It is possible that Rob Van Dam could return to WWE shortly, possibly as soon as the WWE Royal Rumble PPV. This would be an interesting twist of events considering he has been heavily rumored to join TNA Wrestling as of late. RVD has told friends he hasn't spoken with TNA officials since November, however a source close to him feels he would open to a the idea of a short return with WWE if the money and creative were to his liking."   

     I visited his website once & he said if he had to choose between WWE & TNA he'd use WWE as his first choice which adds on to this.

     Do you think this is a tease or not.  It may be, because before Wikipedia told me Kennedy was signed with TNA, & it was soon changed.  Wikipedia isn't always the truth because also I went on the Boogeyman's and it said he was dead, but that was changed too, hopefully this RVD with WWE thing is true.  I've been waiting for RVD to make a return.