Does The NFL Have Favorites in The Playoffs?

Matt MelbyeCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2010

In my opinion every major sport pulls for certain teams to go far in the playoffs or reach the championship of their league. In the case of the NFL this year, I think it is obvious which teams those are.

Wild card week had the Jets and Cowboys play on Saturday while the Cardinals and Ravens played Sunday. So this weekend I expected those teams to play on the same days. Not the case, the Jets and Cowboys will get an extra day of rest while the Cards and Ravens have a shorter week.

Maybe this has nothing to do with anything, I am not sure when they scheduled these games. Maybe it was before we knew the outcomes of the wild card games.

In any case, this helps out the favorites:

The Cowboys are America's team and it is great for the NFL to have these guys playing in championship week.

The Saints are America's adopted team after Katrina.

The Jets have Mark Sanchez, the most beloved rookie quarterback in years. And it's New York, NY teams are great for any sport.

The Colts with MVP Peyton Manning are fan favorites. After a football fan's favorite team is eliminated this is the bandwagon most likely jumped on first.

Just listen to the so called experts on ESPN an other football shows on TV. Most have crowned Dallas as the NFC champs after beating the same team twice. Minnesota is only undefeated at home this year. Somehow this is considered the upset most likely to happen this week.

The Saints have played like the worst team left in the playoffs since their game against New England, but they are 7 point favorites over a very dangerous Arizona Cardinals team.

The Colts starters have barely played at all the last month, but no talk about that being a potential problem.

Nothing would make me more happy than to see these four teams all lose this week. Chances of that happening are slim to none but it would be cool to hear what those commentators have to say.

What do you think, am I right? Are these the four teams you would consider to be favored by most fans and the NFL?