CM Punk: Best Heel Turn Ever

MS PunkContributor IJanuary 16, 2010

On the 2009 draft, CM Punk was drafted to Smackdown. On Smackdown he feuded with Kane and Umaga until he did the unthinkable. CM Punk cashed in money in the bank on Jeff Hardy after Hardy's gruesome ladder match to win his 2nd ever World Heavyweight Championship much to the fans dislike.

CM Punk then said that nothing he did was wrong and that when he's in the WWE ring he isn't anybodies friend and that he's their competitor. On Night Of Champions 2009 Punk solidified his heel turn by kicking the referee in his back to retain the World Championship.

CM Punk started doing heelish things such as GTS John Morrison after Morrison tried to shake his hands to show sportsmanship. Punk then started criticizing Jeff Hardy for failing drug tests and that Jeff should become straight-edge like him.

Punk soon started considering himself superior and everybody else inferior because of his straight edge lifestyle. CM Punk then got a new manager/body guard in Luke Gallows (formerly known as Festus). Punk claimed that he saved Gallow's life and that Festus was on drugs because of his so called "friends and family".

Now on Smackdown CM Punk plans to save each and every member of the WWE Universe one by one by letting them join the Straight-Edge society. Punk basically picks a "member" from the audience who is willing to change their life. To show that they have joined the Straight-Edge society he shaves that particular person's head.

Now I don't know about you, but this whole straight-edge gimmick has made me a huge fan of CM Punk. CM Punk's heel turn was one of the best decisions in the WWE!