Derek Dooley Fires Anyone Associated with Lane Kiffin

Blaize PenningtonCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2010

Derek Dooley's job didn't get any easier as he got rid of two coaches and one resigned yesterday. Interim head coach Kippy Brown resigned to take a position as Pete Carrol's wide receivers coach in Seattle.

I'm very happy for Kippy Brown, though I'd rather have him on our staff as I believe he is a great position coach. However, he is not the only coach that walked out the door yesterday.

There were two main coaches that Kiffin brought with him last year who remained on Tennessee's staff. Kiffin's brother-in-law, David Reeves, was the quarterbacks coach and offensive line coach, James Cregg, came with Kiffin from Oakland.

Saturday morning Dooley called Reeves and Cregg into his office individually and told each of them they no longer worked for the University of Tennessee.

"It's tough. I wanted to stay, but my association with Lane was just too much to overcome," Cregg said.

This obviously had to do with cutting all ties with Kiffin. Reeves made fantastic strides with Crompton last year, turning him into a decent quarterback. Cregg helped a struggling Tennessee offensive line produce a 1,300-yard rusher and only allow 12 sacks all year.

Now I'm just wondering who is going to replace them. Is Dooley going to bring in coaches from LA Tech or search other schools for his coaches?