My Top 3 Picks For The 2010 Draft

King RadanovichContributor IJanuary 18, 2010

This years draft is a very diffrent draft then the draft that always happens the nfl, its a QB first thn a wide out second. But this year you got the big dirty big men as your guys this year. So heres my picks,


1.St. Louis Rams, Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska

St Louis fans, meet your new main guy.  He is unstoppable as you pobably seen him against texas with 3.5 sacks. Only the premier guards in the league can guard him like Logan Mankins and Shaun Hutchinson. I would not be suprised if up to 20 teams are looking for him in the draft

2.Detroit Lions,Gerald Mccoy DT Oklahoma

in my opinion, he's a bust. But, he does have the stats that general manager go after them in the draft. But he will end up as a back up or a starter to the browns.

3.Tampa Bay Buccaners, Eric Berry S Tennesse

great player for the bucs to take and the guy you want in your backfield, he got 14 interceptions in his carrer and a outstanding tackler and a great safty with tanard jackson

Sam will probably go 4 to the skins and colt will probably go to the cards. so thats it