Jeff Hardy Sucks, and I Can Prove Why!

MS PunkContributor IJanuary 18, 2010

I know I'm going to get a lot of hate because of this article but I don't care. I say how I feel and I don't care what people have to say. It's my opinion!

In this article I'm going to state 5 reasons why I hate Jeff Hardy.

1. Swanton Bomb- Jeff Hardy's swanton bomb is the stupidest finisher I've ever seen. My 10 year old nephew performed the swanton bomb in the pool, when I asked how he did it he said that his friend's 7 year old brother showed him how... :|

Microphone Skills- Jeff Hardy has some of the worst mic skills I have ever seen. Jeff has that horrible accent. All of Jeff Hardy's promos end with his voice getting louder. An example of this would be "Next week, I'll take out The Undertaker if you make the match, Extreme Rules!"   

In the hyperlink above fast forward to 53 and watch as I prove what I say.


"Mom look It's Jeff Hardy, My Rolemodel!"

"I know Jeff Hardy is such a good person!"

How can WWE push Jeff Hardy as a rolemodel for kids? He's a freaking drugee who failed his wellness test multiple times! The man got arrested for drug trafficking!

Throwing away his career- Jeff didn't only fail his drug test two times he failed it 3 times! 3 weeks before Summerslam Jeff Hardy failed his 3rd drug test but since Jeff wanted to leave the company anyways WWE just let him stay with the company until that Smackdown when CM Punk retired him! I'm surprised none of the Bleacher Report writers mentioned how wrong it is to fail a drug test 3 times, perhaps because they probably are Jeff Hardy fans themselves?

Lying to WWE to join TNA Wrestling- Oh man, Jeff Hardy screwed WWE bad! Jeff clearly "This isn't goodbye forever this is only goodbye for now!" After a few months Jeff shows up on TNA! Why would Jeff Hardy give up being on top of Smackdown to join TNA Wrestling? I think we all know the answer to that question. 

Think that it's time for Jeff Hardy to turn straight-edge? I do!

Ok guys your favorite writer (MS Punk) has to go now hope you enjoyed the article!

P.S: Like the Jeff Hardy Picture? I think Hardy smoked a little too much weed, :)