Who Had The Best Offseason This Winter?

King RadanovichContributor IJanuary 20, 2010

This year was a so called "weak" free agent market from last years one, but there is some guys who can make a diffrence in 2010. But this year is about the trades and the 3 team trades that where going on with Cliff Lee going to Seatle and Halladay to Phlliy. There was also the deal where Curtis went to NYC that i think is a great deal for the yanks.

The Red Sox had a great offseason when they got Lackey and Beltre who are big play makers they need for this season but they where not the best. The Philles had a great offseason just by getting Roy Halladay (AKA the best pitcher in baseball) and Danny Baez who is a great set up guy if Ryan Madson is the closer because Lidge was injured. But still not the best.

The Nats got one heck of a winter this year and Mike Rizzo is making this Nats team better this year with signs like Jason Marquis and fueture hall of famer Ivan Rodrigaez behind the plate. Also they got closer Matt Capps and and yankee reliver Brian Bruney, But not the best.

The best, as you probably know, is the Seatle Mairners. What can you not like about this offseason. You got Casey Kothman from the sox who would be great for them right at the 5 spot. you got Milton Bradaly who i think will rebound next seson. And the incredable Cliff Lee who is going to be 2 in the rotaion!

This year was quite exicting and we hope spring will be like that to.