The Doctor Is In: Booking The Rumble

Joseph DanielCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2010

In a little over a week WWE will present the Royal Rumble. It is generally here that the WWE plants the seeds or furthers the storylines for the road to Wrestlemania. This year I feel will be no different.

I am writing this article to provide what I think would be a good blueprint for WWE to follow for the event. Obviously thought since this is my booking we can't realistically expect them to follow it. But it would be nice huh?

Anyways this is how I would book WWE's first big four pay-per-view of the new year. Hope you all enjoy and I am looking forward to reading the comments on this one.

The Card:

Royal Rumble

WWE Title: Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

World Title: Undertaker vs. Rey Mysterio

ECW Title: Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson

(hopefully added next week) Undisputed Tag Titles: DX vs. CM punk & Luke Gallows

The show opens with a shot of security running around in the back urgently. Two gaurds are shown at a door knocked out. there is a card next to them with the symbol of the Hitman on it!

The first match is Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson for the ECW Title. I feel that Christian has had a fantastic rin with the title and while I would love to see him carry it into Wrestlemania I don't see it happening.

I see Regal getting involved several times (with the first few times backfiring) before he finally gives Jackson enough of an edge to get the victory. Then in a swerve ala Andre/Dibiase Jackson announces he is having his first title defence right now against William Regal.

He lays down and Regal gets the easy pin. Of course this is controversy and Tiffany will come out to inform them that because of their disregard for how things are run she is holding up the title! (this can lead to another tournament on ECW, this time for the title and frees up Christian and Benjamin for Money In The Bank)

As an added bonus I would book the tournament to have Danielson be the winner.

We go backstage again to Vince's office where the guards are telling him what happens. Vince gets a knock on his door nd he tells the gaurds to go open it for him. When they answer it and he sees who's there he tells the gaurds to leave because he needs some privacy.

The next match on the show will be Undertaker vs. Rey Mysterio for the world title. Before the entrances they can show Triple H and Shawn arguing backstage. Shawn wants to watch the match but Triple tells him his obsession is getting the better of him.

Trips argues they need to prepare for their title defence but Shawn locks him out of their locker room to watch the match.

Taker and Mysterio have a solid 15 minute match with Undertaker eventually overwhelming mysterio after after a few close calls. Undertaker gives Mysterio a little nod of respect then the lights go out and he's gone.

However Batista is shown in the audience and he enters the ring to administer a beating to Mysterio. He grabs the mic and says he's glad Taker won and he's glad that HBK is watching because it will be HIM not Shawn who wins the rumble tonight and ends Takers undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.

He says he's tired of being embarassed by "pathetic losers like him" (points at Mysterio) and says he will destroy anyone who gets in the way of his goal.

They go back to the back and HBk comes out of the room and stares down Triple H. H asks him if he is finally ready and Shawn says yes.

In the back as Punk and Gallows are walking to the ring they run into a hurt Mysterio. Punk laughs at him and points out to Gallows and Sarena that Mysterio might be champion right now if he was "saved."

"Instead he's just another druggie, acoholic washup like all he others back here. He even hides behind a mask so people can't see how truly horrible of a person he really is." Mysterio tries to attack Punk but security seperates them and Punk laughs "bye-bye" as Mysterio is escorted away.

Next match is for the Unified Tag Titles. DX dominates Punk and Gallows for a large portion before communication causes Gallows and Punk to isolate Triple H. Several times Triple H goes to the apron for a tag but Shawn seems distracted and misses the tag several times.

Triple H finally gets the tag by slapping Michaels. Michaels looks on in shock. He gets in the ring and unloads on Punk and Gallows. He then stares down Triple H before Punk attacks from behind.

Shawn ducks and Punk hits Triple H. Micheals then gets double teamed and Punk and Gallows win. Punk and Gallows celebrate while Triple H confronts Shawn. He leaves Shawn in the ring with Shawns head down.

The next match is the WWE Tirle match with Orton and Sheamus. Orton talks with Legacy in the back and Ted tells him he hopes Orton wins because it would be an honor to win the rumble and beat him for the title at Wrestlemania.

Orton gets in his face and tells legacy to stay in the back. Orton and Sheamus have a something resembling more of a brawl rather than a match. End comes when Legacy runs out and Ted tosses the title to Orton but Sheamus catches it and uses it on Orton to retain.

Afterwards Orton and Ted argue. After some back and forth Orton nods his head as if he understands but then hits an RKO on Ted. Medics come out to take Ted to the back.

Then as the announcer is about to announce the start of the Rumble match he is interupted by Vince McMahons music. Vince comes to the ring surrounded by security and orders them to surround the ring.

He grabs a mic and tells the announcer to get the hell out of his ring. He gets on the mic and tells the audience he is tired of being called a coward. he says he scared of no one, not even god himself.

He says he will face anyone and says he knows Hart is in the bulding so get out here so he can confron him "like a man." The music hits and Vince orders the gurads on the ramp to fomr a line in front of the ring. 

However the music changes slightly and it ends up being the Hart Dynasty. They walk out on the ramp with mics in their hands. DH Smith says he knows a coward when he sees one and he can definitely see one from where he's standing.

Tyson Kidd says The Hart Dynasty is like all great Harts before them. Their not cowards and they will do anything to advance in this business or to get their point across.

Natalia said that though they may not always agree with Bret they definitely don't agree with what Vince is doing now. She said Bret is still family and what she, DH, and Tyson are about to do is for the good of the family.

They start to walk to the ring but get stopped by security. Then a security guard behind Vince is attacked by a fan. The fan reveals himself to be Bret Hart! Bret and The Dynasty destroy the security while Vince is trapped in the ring.

They enter the ring and corner Vince. Natalia gets on the mic and says "it's time Vince that we do what we should have done three weeks ago" then she and the Dynasty attack Bret! they dismantle him and leave him laying in the ring.

Natalia picks him up by the hair and Vince yells in his face that "you have no idea what you've got youself into Hitman." Then he and the Dynasty pose before Vince tells the announcer that Now he can start the rumble.

The booking for the Rumble is just the major parts. Halfway through Jericho is dominating before Edge makes his return as number 15. Jericho is shocked as Edge runs to the ring. They exchange blows before knocking each other over onto the apron.

Big Show then eliminates both men and Edge chases Jericho to the back. Later we find out Randy has taken Teds spot since Ted is unable to compete. At one point Randy saves himself from elimination but Ted comes out  of the audience (with a bandage on his head) and knocks him off the apron to eliminate him.

Ted then runs back into the audience and escapes while Randy is left seething.

The final five are Batista, Big Show, Triple H, John Cena, & Shawn Michaels. Batista dominates but is eliminated by Cena. He rages on the outside before being told to leave by the refs.

Triple H and Shawn then double team to eliminate Cena before facing off in the ring. They attack Big Show and Big Show fights off both men. At the same time Batista runs back out and attacks Cena. He's snapped from losing anothe shot at the title.

He destroys Cena and gives him a Batista bomb through the announce table. Back in the ring DX finally gets Big Show down and face off again. After a few seconds Triple H shakes Shawns hand and points at Big Show.

As he turns to face Show Shawn throws him out of the ring. Triple H looks on in shock before slowly going to the back. Then Shawn and Show go at it. Eventually Show misses a KO punch and Shawn superkicks him out of the ring to win the Rumble.

Before he can celebrate The lights go out and Takers gong hits. When it comes back on Taker is in the ring. Shawn is startled but then gets in Takers face. Taker does the RIP symbol and then the lgihts go out again and when they come back on he's gone.

Shawn then celebrates to close the show.

So there you go. Thats how I would book the rumble and plant the seeds for many of the main storylines leading up to Mania. Like I said I hoped you enjoyed that.

I think this would be a very good show if done this way and I hope you agree. If not let me know what you think and how you would book some things. I am interested in hearing other ideas.


~Joe D


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