WWE Royal Rumble Preview/Predictions

Patrick SchoemehlContributor IJanuary 22, 2010

On January 31st from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Geroiga WWE will be holding there yearly event the Royal Rumble.  I am going to give you the preview and some of my predictions on what the night is going to hold.

I am sure we all know the show is going to open with the ECW Title match featuring Christian defeding his title aganist Jackson.  This match should be pretty good but dont expect to much out of it.  I am sure Jackson will domanate most of the match with Regal trying to get invloved and then Regal getting ejected from ringside and Christan getting the victory with the Killswitch after about a good 15 minute match.

Next will be the World Tittle match featuring the Undertaker defending his Championship against Rey Mysterio.  First let me start off by saying dont be suprised if Batista does get entered into this match.  I fell that if Batista does get put into the match he will pick up the win.  If he does not then i think that somehow that the underdog Rey Mysterio will pick up the win.  This match should be very good and they will put on a great match.  I dont think that Michales is going to Win the Rumble then Taker dosent win the Title match then they will both not have a match so then somehow they will make the Michlales match for Mania.

The final championship match off the night will be the WWE championship match featuring Sheamus defending his Title against Randy Orton.  This could be the time that we could see the big start of the Legacy split and it could effect Randy Orton's match but in the end i see Randy Orton getting back his WWE Championshp with maybe some help from Rhodes or DiBiase.  The reason i say that they help is because DiBiase might want to face Randy Orton at Mania so he helped Randy Orton win the championship so that he could win the Rumble.

The final match of the night is for sure going to be the Royal Rumble Match.  I am not sure who is going to be the 1st and 2nd entrants and i am not going to guess because that would be a longshot.  People say that Edge is ready to return and that he could at the Royal Rumble be i really do not see it happening but the again i would not be suprised.  One of the other suprise entrants is most likley either going to be Booker T making his return or RVD making his return for good this time.  I truly see it being RVD more then Booker T at this time although Booker T will be here sometime soon.  The Final 5 will be Ted DiBiase, Triple H, Shawn Michales, Batista (if he does not win the title), Chris Jericho, and either Big Show (or Edge if he makes his return).  By the end of the night i see Ted DiBiase winning the Royal Rumble and facing the St. Louis Viper (i am from St. Louis) Randy Orton at Wrestlemaia 26 for the WWE Championship