Philadelphia Sports Are In My Blood

Rich CranchContributor IJanuary 23, 2010


         The Philadelphia Phillies joined the national league in 1883. they would not win a championship until that magic year of 1980! Who can forget Tug McGraw striking out  the Royals Willie Wilson for the final out And the Phillies win their first world series championship out of three tries. I was ten years old and the sight of McGraw throwing his arms in the air in victory is something I will never forget.

        The Phillies have had some good teams since 1980 Making the series in 1983 and 1993 ( Who could forget the Wheez kids or Macho row! ) but they have had some awful teams as well. They would have to wait until 2008 before winning their next World Series. Although special no team is more special to me than the 1980 Phillies.

        Who knew that just three months after the 1980 world series I would be cheering the Eagles on as they played the Oakland Raiders in Super bowl 15! remember Kenny King, and Rod Martin Unfortunatly the Raiders won 27-10 and the Eagles would not make it back to the Super bowl for another twenty four years.

 In that time they had some really good teams Between 1988 - 1990 Buddy Ryan coached the team to the playoffs where even with that great defense they weren't able to get a win. In 1991 Rich Kotite coached them back to the playoffs with arguably the best defense in football history ( Reggie White ,Seth Joyner, Andre Waters) unfortunatly they again where eliminated. The team made the playoffs a few more times in the 90's even winning a playoff game  under new head coach Ray Roades. But Fans would have to wait until 2004 to watch the Eagles return to the super bowl. They again lost against the Patriots this time it was closer 24 to 21.

      The Flyers entered the Nhl through expantion in 1967 by 73/74 they where Stanley cup champions. I was too young to remember but I can imagine the celibration that went on that night. Known as the Broad street bullies the Flyers would again win the cup in 74/75 and have made the trip to the finals several times since but have not won another cup.

Like I stated the Flyers have been back to the finals several times in the years since. But just couldn't hoist the cup. The most noteworthy of these teams being 86/87 when with rookie goalie Ron Hextal and 50 goal scorer Tim Kerr the Flyers took on the mighty Edmonton Oilers with Gretsky, Messier, Kurri, and Paul Coffey. The Flyers played tough taking the mighty Oilers to the brink before losing the series clinching seventh game.

      Not being a basketball fan I don't know too much about the Sixers! But I do remember the 82/83 season and that amazing 11-1  playoff run. Including a sweep of the Lakers earning them the championship. That was another great time for the city of Philadelphia.

 The Sixers have had some competative teams in the years since. In 2ooo/2001 the Sixers returned to the finals this time loosing 4 games to 1 this time the Lakers were the better team.

      The city would not enjoy another champion until 2008 when the Phillies beat the tough young Tampa Bay Devil Rays 4 games to 1. Returning to the series last year the Pillies lost to a tough Yankees team 4 games to 2. With the lineup they have I see good times for years to come.

    In the end I support these teams in good times and bad! The Eagles where just eliminated from the playoffs yet again and the Flyers and Sixers aren't doing so well but one can only hope for the future. I will still be rooting for my hometown teams. Maybe next year they will win the championship. But even if they don't I am proud to be a fan of these teams in the greatest city in the world Philadelphia.