Greatest Sports Movies of All Time

John Buco@john.bucoCorrespondent IJune 27, 2008

Sports has been a great forum for the movie industry.

Whether movies have been based on true events or fictional and pulled out of nowhere, they have always brought an element of excitement and suspense.

So many of these lists are out there.  This list is far from an absolute truth, so feel free to disagree with my opinion.

I will start with a couple honorable mentions and then move up the list.


Honorable Mentions

The Mighty Ducks - The Ducks movies were neither well-written, nor did they feature fantastic acting.  However, all three were solid kids' movies and you have to salute a movie that created a pro sports team.

Iron Will - I would say that the majority of readers have never seen this movie.  It is not your traditional sports movie.  Based on a spin-off race of the Iditerod, this movie is filled with heart-felt moments and suspense.  It is a movie that everyone should at least try on for size.

Ali - Will Smith is fantasic in this movie.  Outside of that, the movie leaves a lot to be desired, which is the main reason it didn't make my top 10.

Cinderella Man - I don't believe that Russell Crowe can make a bad movie.  This stunning story is no exception.  A boxer that goes from rags to riches by fighting his way to the top.  Simply fantasic.


10. Eight Men Out

In another few years, I'm sure the steroids scandal and the Pete Rose story will be made into movies.  Until then, this stands as the best picture of a storied sports scandal.  Watch the Black Sox fight against greedy ownership and mob members in this recreation of the 1919 World Series.


9. A League of Their Own

A lot of people would put this one higher, but I have a few other movies close to my heart that bump it down.  A young Tom Hanks is part of a stellar cast that is endearing and humorous.


8. Bull Durham

You have to love Kevin Costner's dedication to sports.  Between Tin Cup, Field of Dreams and Bull Durham, he has three great sports movies.  I'll address Field of Dreams later in this article.  Bull Durham is hilarious.  Tim Robbins/Kevin Costner's relationship with Susan Sarandon is great.  It is just an overall worthwhile movie.


7. Remember the Titans

The Titans are left off of so many movie lists that is beginning to get ridiculous.  Not only is this "based on a true story" film almost flawless with the actual events (minus Gary Bertier's accident), the flavor of the movie is flawless.  Every ounce of this movie speaks to all generations in different ways.  Whether the game intrigues you, or the race struggle wins your heart, the movie still sits in the top 10.


6. Raging Bull

De Niro is so good in this movie, it makes me wonder why he ever did anything else.  Another "true story" piece about a boxer.  See it.  It is just too good.


5. Miracle

Personally, this is my No. 2 for two reasons.  One, I am a hockey fan more than anything else.  Two, it is based on arguably the greatest moment in sports history.  But, for the masses, there are better sports movies out there.


4. Field of Dreams

The best baseball movie of all time.  No arguments, no discussion.  Most people generally agree and put this movie in their top three.  I have three others in mind.


3. Chariots of Fire

For its time, this was a breathtakingly beautiful film with a great cast.  It won several Oscars to boot and has one of the most recognizable songs in American cinema history.  The story is really unforgettable.


2. Rocky

It was incredibly tough to put this film at No. 2.  Personally, this is my No. 1.  It has one of the most well-written scripts and is extremely emotion-driven.  Oh, and it won the Oscar for best picture.



1. Hoosiers

Everyone's No. 1.  Can't change the trend now.  I never quite understood it until I saw it.  See it.  Then you'll understand it too.


So there you have it.  Feel free to criticize/make deletions or additions.  I love movies and sports movies are some of the best.  I'd also love recommendations.