Torrell Troup Shines During East-West Shrine Event

Jessica DAnalyst IJanuary 26, 2010

Torell Troup had a big week. Not only was he preparing for the East-West Shrine Game, he was also working hard to impress 100-plus NFL scouts in the days leading up to it.

He was also taking great care to help out the less fortunate at Shriners Hospital in Tampa Bay, an activity that Troup said taught him to "stay humble."

It's wise advice from the big man to himself, as the defensive lineman is preparing for the upcoming NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Troup put that aside for his East team, however, and helped hold the West to just 10 points in a 13-10 win at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando.

He made just one tackle in the game, but his fantastic play on the d-line helped hold the West to just 79 yards rushing and only 251 yards total offense. 

"Troup showed that he is a very physical and strong guy on the inside," said East head coach and Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel after the game. "He can push the pocket. He's a good kid. He tries hard and does what you tell him to do. As a coach, that's exactly what you're looking for."

With a large crowd of reporters surrounding Troup after the game, he answered questions about how exciting it was to be in Orlando for the East-West Shrine Game, how amazing it was to hear his name screamed by thousands of fans during pregame introductions.

Most interestingly, he commented on what he learned last week about the new level of intensity he will have to exhibit in order to make it in the National Football League.


On What He Learned 

"You have to be accountable. Practice was more high tempo than in college. Everybody wants to win at their spot. Nobody wants to lose their job. Everybody was giving 100 percent out there all the time." 


On the Next Three Months Until the Draft

"Hopefully they're going to be a great experience and also boost my stock. This is a resume I'm putting together in the next few months and this is a good way to start off my resume (The Shrine Game)." 


Troup also commented on the intensity and memorableness of the Shrine Game 2010. With 0:06 left to play, the East clinched the win. "Everybody really picked it up in the fourth quarter. It got a little more intense. Guys started pushing a bit more. Just like any All-Star game, guys want to win and at the end of the game, it's time to really play hard."


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