Colorado Avalanche

Andre BelliveauCorrespondent IJune 28, 2008

The team known as the Colorado Avalanche need to smarten up they do have good players like Forsberg, Statsny, Sakic , Smyth, Liles, etc... but that isn't good enough me as an Colorado Avalanche fan would like Theodore gone and get some good defense and goal tending. They don't have a horrible coaching staff but i'm questioning my self : Can Tony Granato really coach the avalanche, this time better? the answer to that question will be answered in the 2008/ 2009 NHL season. There's rumors going around that they want to get rid of Liles (one of there top defenseman by far) but he is very good and like even the avalanche said that's what they need defense staff. Another rumor is that Theodore is leaving the Avalanche personally I want him gone he's not consistent enough to play for the avalanche he started to play good in the quarterfinals against the Wild but then he has the "flu" and stops playing good against the red wings. Budaj is a good goalie but i don't think hes old or good enough to play around 60 games at that age maybe in a few years he'll be a successful goalie but not now. Joe Sakic a very old but very good NHL player I'm not sure what the Avalanche are going to do with him if I were the GM I would take him out and get someone maybe a little worst maybe not but younger because he could last longer in the franchise of the Colorado Avalanche. If the Avalanche do good at the Free Agency I believe with there determination that they could have a chance at the cup.