New York Mets: Forget about 2010, Let's Move on To 2011

Joe ViolaCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2010

Let me start off by saying the New York Mets are a disgrace.

The Wilpons have no idea how to run a baseball team, Omar Minaya is a disgrace to General Managers everywhere and Jerry Manual is just awful.

And every Mets fan agrees with me.

2010 will not be a very good year for the Mets, as they will be lucky to have a better record then the Washington Nationals, who seem to have gained all the respect the Mets have lost this off season.

The Mets have failed to sign a number two pitcher to protect Johan Santana. John Lackey went to the Red Sox, Roy Halladay was traded to the Phillies, Joel Pineiro signed with the Angels, Ben Sheets signed with the Athletics, and Jon Garlend signed with the Padres.

Who is left for the Mets?

John Smoltz, Jarred Washburn, Chien-Ming Wang, and Braden Looper.

Wow. Who to choose from, the future Hall of Famer who has nothing left in the tank, the veteran who is coming off a terrible half-year with the Tigers, an injury plagued pitcher to join a rotation full of injury plagued players, or Braden freaking Looper.

In my opinion, I would like to see Smoltz under a one year contract.

Then there's all the holes in the lineup. Besides the signing of Jason Bay, which will come back to shoot the Mets in the foot, the Mets haven't signed another bat.

They wanted Bengie Molina, but he ended up with the Giants; congratulations Omir Santos. No one knows for certain who the heck is gonna be the starting first baseman. Will they let Dan Murphy stay there? Will they sign Carlos Delgado? What about Fernando Tatis? And how about the remaining free agents at first basemen, like Russell Branyan?

And then there's the terrible signings that happened before the '09 season. The contracts Omar Minaya handed out to Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez have backed fired.

Orlando Hudson can't be a Met because Omar signed an aging second basemen who can't hit homers or steal bases, and his fielding skills are diminishing. And Oliver Perez is just awful; his 2007 season was a fluke.

And who's to blame for all those failures? Omar Minaya. And who's to blame for letting Minaya screw up time and time again? Those Dodger-loving Wilpons.

Now here is my point: if the Wilpons truly care about winning, they need to make changes off the field. They need to fire Omar and hire, literally anyone else.

Then fire Jerry Manual and hire the only man, today, who can lead the Mets, Bobby Valentine. Do I think they will do that, of course I don't, but I do think the Wilpons are willing to hire a new manager if the 2010 season starts off on the wrong foot, which it will.

Let Valentine or whoever is the new manager spend the 2010 season scouting and learning the team so that he knows who his guys are and how to control the clubhouse, something no one has seemed to accomplish since Valentine. Let the new skipper pick a new coaching staff, unless he is comfortable with the one already set in place.

Basically, I want the Mets to take the 1975 New York Yankees route. The Yanks hired Billy Martin to manage the Yanks, so he could learn about the team and prepare for 1976, when they won an AL Pennant. Now, I'm not saying Bobby V. is Billy Martin, but he's the best option the Mets have.

That is what 2010 should be, basically, preparation for 2011, not just another failed year that had no purpose.