So This One Isn't About NASCAR

Katrina ShankleAnalyst IJune 28, 2008

I am the daughter of a NASCAR crew chief and an avid fan and writer of the sport, so perhaps you will all indulge me. 

Monday morning, my mother (a current breast-cancer patient) and I were driving my 1998 Mustang along U.S. 74 North in Rockingham, NC to visit her aunt. A woman driving a 1998 Chevrolet pulled out in front of me from the local Bojangles. Though I did all within my power by turning sharply to the left and standing on the brake, I collided with the front end of her vehicle.

My damage was sustained heavily in the front end, right side—where my mother was sitting. I knocked the front wheels out from underneath the other car, but they were at fault (bad Chevy, baaad Chevy).

Mama and I were banged up pretty badly with bruised ribs and hurt necks, and I sprained my right ankle in my heroic effort to avoid the wreck (daddy and the police said I handled it like a professional driver). 

Anyway, because of my injuries, medication, and subsequent doctor's visits (which still aren't over), I was unable to log on and write. I was quite happy to see a few people missed me.

So I'd like to thank Adam and L.J. for their care and concern, and most importantly their encouragement for me to get back to writing.

Mom and I are still recovering, and the Mustang's future is still in question, but we all hope to be back in racing trim soon.