Remembering Roboduck, Duck Vader, Mandrake, or Whatever It Was Called...

Austin HallContributor IJanuary 27, 2010

*Note: At the time, the Duck's mascot went by Donald, these days it mostly goes by Puddles.

In a warm jam-packed Autzen Stadium in the year 2003 against Stanford, a crowd bored to death from a 38-7 score at halftime was suddenly surprised by a dinosaur-like egg being rolled onto the field. The crowd had absolutely no clue what was going on.

As the egg slowly cracked, the anticipation rose. Then, out came what looked like an alien. It was actually the new sidekick/brother to Oregon's original mascot Donald. Some called it Duck Vader, some called it Mandrake, most called it Roboduck, others called it the stupidest thing Oregon has ever done.

The crowd went nuts even though most didn't know what was going on. What went on in that rainless day in Autzen Stadium (never rains) was the birth of a new Duck .

At first, the new Duck's arrival was welcomed by Oregon fans; even though it was stopped by police for not wearing a helmet riding a Harley outside Autzen. Over time, opinions started to slowly change. The purpose of this article is to relive the Roboduck era and remember Roboduck for what it was. Actually, nobody really knew what it was.

Due to Donald's weight issue, a new Duck was formed to do all kinds of ridiculous acrobatic moves. This space-age Duck would do back flips while Donald clapped his hands and did push ups. The link in the above paragraph showed what he could do.

It gave Oregon the opportunity to have their own licensed mascot, Donald is owned by Disney. The reason could have been either for marketing reasons or simply as a fallback plan in case the rights to use Donald from Disney were taken away. An urban legend by some fans believed Uncle Phil at Nike had a little too much to drink and decided to create a new mascot.

As you can see in the photo, the suit was made out of a rubber-type material and was made to look futuristic on purpose. Like most Duck gear, the suit was made by Nike and was meant to go with the new renovations to Autzen Stadium.

This Duck was more edgy, mysterious, aggresive, acrobatic Duck with a possible intention of taking over the world.

Roboduck preformed at many University of Oregon athletic events, such as basketball games, doing acrobatic trampoline dunks and pumping up the crowd.

When asked about the new-look Duck, fans' views on it were never the same. Some absolutely loved it, some despised it, others had no clue what to think of it.

In the year 2007, Roboduck faded into obscurity, never to be seen again. Roboduck is now only a distant memory in Duck fan's heads. Only to be remembered by die-hard Duck fans and people who are reminded of it.

Whatever the case was, the world was just not ready for another Duck at the University of Oregon. Maybe sometime in the future, Roboduck will come back when the time is right or just remain forgotten as it is currently.

If you remember Roboduck, comment on your memories of it and give feedback on how you felt about.