Ranking The Pac-10 Quarterbacks For 2010

matt christensenContributor IJanuary 29, 2010

SEATTLE - DECEMBER 05:  Quarterback Jake Locker #10 of the Washington Huskies is congratulated by Kevin Riley #13 of the California Bears after the game on December 5, 2009 at Husky Stadium in Seattle, Washington. The Huskies defeated the Bears 42-10. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Number Ten; Samson Szakacsy-ASU

To be honest there is not much I know about the young passer from Arizona State, and that's why he is number ten. His scouting report was very good; The Scouting report said he was very accurate and had good speed.

It will be neat to see what the young Quarterback can do this year for Arizona State.


Number Nine; Ryan Katz-OSU

When the season gets started in September believe Katz will be higher on this list. However, he has never started a game and no one knows for sure how good he is.

Katz has good feet, and unlike Canfield he can bomb it down the field with a great arm. Katz should blossom in Oregon’s offense and in a couple years become a legit threat for Oregon State.


Number Eight; Kevin Prince-UCLA

Prince did little to impress me numbers wise, but he did take his team to a bowl, and I believe the Quarterbacks job is to win games. Price despite being a freshman would go 6-5 in games he played in, including the bowl game against Temple.

Prince would throw for just eight touchdowns and eight interceptions. From what I saw Prince looked smart and made few mistakes when called on.


Number Seven; Jeff Tule-WSU

Jeff Tuel? Yes Jeff Tuel, the Jeff Tuel who did not win a game last year.
Despite being a true freshman and only playing the majority of four games Tuel would throw for 789 yards, six touchdowns, and five interceptions.

Tuel also has decent speed for a Quarterback, and good size. It is a shame he is on such a miserable team, but look for Tuel to be a good Quarterback in years to come and maybe raise WSU to the strength the program showed in the early stages of the decade.

Number Six; Kevin Riley-CAL

Riley showed a lot of promise last year and lead CAL to a bowl game.

Riley would throw for 2,850 yards, and 18 touchdowns in 2009.  Riley has a great arm, and really improved his weight to be able to take those big hits.

 Riley’s only weakness is his speed but with such a quick arm and ability to get the ball out fast he does not need to move around much to be great.

Number Five; Jeremiah Masoli-Oregon

Yes, I know many people will get angry at me putting Masoli here, but to be honest I believe this is where he should be. I believe the most important thing for a Quarterback is work ethic, and leadership, Masoli has a lot of growing up to be. However his talent as a runner and passer are amazing
Masoli posted 2,147 yards, 15 touchdowns, and completed 58% of his passes. Not bad, and to top it off he lead his team to the Rose bowl.
Masoli just lacks the leadership and maturity to reach his full level of play, but I doubt that will stop him from going to another Rose Bowl.

Masoli also has good speed and power. The Oregon Quarterback ran for 668 yards, and 13 touchdowns on the ground.

Number Four; Matt Barkley-USC

Matt Barkley is a stud no doubt about it. Despite playing hurt he went 9-3 as the starter for USC that’s very good for a true freshman.

Barkley was hurt and banged up most of the season, and showed incredible toughness in a game winning drive against Ohio State last year. Look for Barkley to become one of the best pure passes last year he will have another year under his belt. USC and Barkley will compete for a Rose bowl next year. I can see Barkley being higher on this list when the season gets going.

Number Three; Andrew Luck-Stanford

Andrew Luck shocked the Pac-10 gods last year and looks to become one of the up and rising Quarterbacks in the nation.

Luck threw for 2,575 yards, 13 TD, and four interceptions. Luck has good speed too for his size, as he would run for over 300 yards, and 5.5 yards per carry. Luck has no one area of weakness and reminds me a bit of Elway.

Look for Luck to maybe fight for the number one spot on this list.

Number Two; Nick Foles-Arizona

Nick is your classic drop back, strong armed passer. Foles is possibly the most accurate Quarterbacks in the PAC-10.

Foles is amazingly strong and able to place the ball any where he wishes to on the field.

Foles is a sitting duck in the pocket and takes a lot if hits, but his big frame allows him to.

Number one; Jake Locker-UW

Locker is not only the best in the Pac but possible the best in the Country. He has an amazing arm, elite speed and can fit the ball anywhere. He completed over 57% of his passes and would have done more if not for all the dropped passes. Locker also threw for 2800 yards, and 21 touchdowns. Jake Locker was not told not to run to much this year due to the fact the coaching staff wanted to protect him but locker still put up, over 300 yards rushing, and seven touchdowns.

Jake is number one because not only does he have skills, but he also has leadership, and is smart and studies the game more than anyone.
No other Quarterback makes a bigger impact on their team than Locker does.



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