EURO 2008: Marcos Senna tries to be the first Brazilian to win the Euros

Brazilian Football by SBSenior Analyst IJune 29, 2008

Marcos Senna, who can this Sunday become the first Brazilian to win a European Championship for Spain in the final against Germany, said on Saturday that he feels Spanish, but does not forget Brazil with his wife and family there cheering for his success in Europe.

"I am proud to be part of a Spanish selection and proud for the chance to enter history as the first Brazilian to win the Euro. We have an important match, and hopefully we can win," said the 32 year old Villarreal midfielder.

Senna hopes to add to his FIFA World Club title won in 2000 for Corinthians in Brazil with the historic European Championships. He said that he could not be defined as Spanish or Brazilian, since the two countries are important to him.

"In this competition I will be more Spanish than ever. I however do not feel better in one place or the other. I have dual nationality and I feel well in both countries. Right now I believe only in the Spanish selection, then I will have time to think about Brazil," he added.

Central defender Carlos Puyol paid tribute to the player of Brazilian origin. "Senna is doing an impressive job. He roves the entire field and is working 90 minutes. He is a key player," remarked the Barcelona defender.