Hulk Hogan Reveals Possible Randy Savage/TNA Plans Should He Get Signed

Victor JordanCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2010

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were on the Bubba The Love Sponge Show to do a State of TNA Address show, and was asked about Savage being brought in to the promotion.

Hogan responded with "Would love to have him manage his ill-legitimate son!",which more than likely means TNA would have plans of having Savage manage Jay Lethal,and work as Lethal's mouthpiece.

It has been reported that the plans for the Legend Of The Month storyline involving Lethal facing off against Pro Wrestling Legends once every month is for Lethal to drop the "Black Machismo" gimmick, and be re-packaged as a more serious character(which may or may not mean a heel turn for Lethal is in the works, with him possibly going heel on Consequences Creed, then dropping the Lethal Consequences tag team).

Of course this was all planned out before Hogan & Bischoff signed with TNA Wrestling, so plans may still be on board with Savage coming in, or TNA may have a completely new direction going for Lethal.

I for one am actually a fan of having Savage work the mic for a young star like Jay Lethal who has a lack of mic skills.

I've never personally been a fan of The Macho Man, but he's a master on the mic, and Lethal just may need his help to get over as a big star, and potential top heel in TNA should they go this route with him.

Lethal has charisma and in ring talent to be a top star beyond that of the X-Division in my opinion.