Beyond the Hype: The Truth About Brett Favre

KP Wee@kpwee1Senior Writer INovember 4, 2007

IconYou have to wonder why the media falls so in love with some athletes.

Is it because the jocks put on smiles and do interviews? Is it because they've overcome personal tragedies?

For my money, pure performance should be all that counts.

Which brings me to Brett Favre.

Didn't Favre win just ONE Super Bowl? And when he had a chance to win a second one the following year, didn't he choke against the Broncos?

What's more, didn't Favre throw six interceptions in a playoff game at St. Louis in 2001? SIX interceptions!

And still he was welcomed back to Green Bay the following season.

Had Kurt Warner—Favre's counterpart in the St. Louis game—thrown six picks, he would've been run out of town.

But Brett Favre gets away with it.

Favre's reputation as a great quarterback comes despite his lack of playoff success after the one Super Bowl win. No one else gets that kind of break.

Put it this way—Favre definitely would NOT have survived had he played for the Giants.

The Giants benched Warner in favor of Eli Manning back in 2004—when New York had a  5-4 record. Suffice it to say you wouldn't see that happen in Green Bay.

Every year it's the same story: QBs like Jeff George, Jon Kitna, Tony Banks, Randall Cunningham, Rex Grossman, Doug Flutie, Jeff Garcia, and Drew Bledsoe get benched or released for playing poorly.

Not Brett Favre.

Some people look at Favre's iron-man streak and call him selfless. I call him selfish. Had Favre willingly sat out when he was hurt a couple seasons ago, rookie Aaron Rodgers might have gained some experience.

But no, Favre has to play every single game. Someone tell me how that helps his team.

And there's the annual retirement saga. If a football player isn't sure he wants to go to war with his teammates, he shouldn't be out there. By waiting until training camp to make a decision, isn't Favre holding his team hostage?

You call that kind of a player a "team guy"?

I don't know what games the media and NFL fans are watching—but I do know that Favre has been lucky. He's avoided a lot of scrutiny. And undeservedly so.

Think about Warner, and Grossman, and all the benched QBs around the league.

I remember one game a few seasons ago. The Packers were playing Chicago. Favre overthrew a ball in the end zone, and it sailed beyond his receiver's grasp.

The commentators' reaction?

"What a great pass!"

That's how it goes in Green Bay, I guess: Win one Super Bowl and you become infallible.

Sounds like nice work if you can get it. 


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