Friday Night SmackDown: Could Wrestling Be Killing Itself With Fat Jokes

Mark BrookshireContributor IJanuary 30, 2010

I usually don't watch SmackDown on Friday nights. But with the trade of Mickie James to SmackDown, I followed her. Since day one of her arrival. SmackDown has became the joke of the World Wrestling Entertainment. Time after time they repeated the Mrs. Piggy and the fat jokes on Mickie James. Tonight (Jan.29) I watched it again. The show was great, even though Teddy Long messed up a perfect tag match, by changing it to single matches. Everything was going well until Michelle McCool came out once again and started the fat jokes. Even though this is directed to a audience of mainly kids, some have started to ask questions. "Why do people call people fat and make fun of them?" "I'm fat, do people laugh at me?" "Kids at school are making fun of me, what do I do?". These acts by the WWE will only cause trouble. When will they stop? It will lead to a kid hurting them self or even possibly someone getting killed. When McCool called out anyone for a match and they played Mickie's music. I said "CooL", then a second later I was completely disgusted. A minute later, I turned the television off. Is this WWE's objective? Have everyone stop watching.