Senior Bowl Prospects: Thoughts on the Game

Tim HigginsCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 01:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators throws a pass against the Cincinnati Bearcats during the Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Louisana Superdome on January 1, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Jaguars are a team full of a couple glaring needs on defense, but a quarterback, late round reciever, defensive tackle (preferably later round), defensive end, saftey, back up running back, guard/center, and possibly another corner.  Basically for the '10 Jaguars anything goes.  So in this case I give my thoughts on the Senior Bowl.

-Zac Robinson had a fantastic first pass to another guy who has had a good game, Jeremy Williams out of Tulane, who looks to be a great late round guy.  But a nice hard spiral that was well thrown deep.

- Taylor Mays looks like Sean Taylor, but even though he has a pick, he tackles like Reggie Nelson, so he's a no no draft pick.  Larry Asante, the saftey from Nebraska, just gave up a touchdown pass that was well thrown to Collin Peek the tight end, by guess who? Zac Robinson.  I'm really liking what I'm seeing from him.  He should get some more time in the second half.

- Ben Grahman the defense end did a great job, and looked like Dwight Freeney. Also the Tennesse DT, who Kris Jenkins supported in the halftime show, looked really solid, and could probably be a second or third round pick.

- Speaking of safteys, one guy who was all over the field in the first half was Terrence Skinner from the University of Maryland. He made sound tackles and was probably the opposite of Reggie Nelson. Myron Rolle on the other hand looked smaller than I remembered.

-Tim Tebow just verfied to me that he will not be a good quarterback. He threw the ball weakly, which also was concerning for Tony Pike who played well, but did not throw the ball too well. On the other hand, Robinson and Jared Brown threw the ball very hard, but in the case of Brown, he overthrew many revievers.

- Mike Upati, the highly coveted guard from Idaho, did not look that good, he held on many occasions and did not play that well. I was not that impressed. 

-Marty Gillard showed sparks of speed, but he should be gone before any Jaguar pick, and is not good enough to be their first round pick. 

- Linebackers Sean Witherspoon and Washington out of Texas Tech looked very good in the game. 

-Dekota Watson did a great job just chasing down the Fresno State running back Miller. I liked Miller until he was stopped on forth and one.

-There's Graham again. Jeez, this kid is everywhere.

-Andre Roberts had a great catch. He has some impressive speed. Great throw by Robinson again. I really like this kid.

- Graham again. Sack and a forced fumble. Robinson should've gotten rid of the ball.

-My high school was just on an Under Armour commerical, and we're a public school.

- LeFevour had his first pass tipped and was almost intercepted by Patrick Robinson.  Speaking of Patrick Robinson, he's another guy who's been all over the field. LeFevour I was excited to see, but he looks a little too small. 

- Wow. Arenas had a really beautiful return, but he ran out of speed. Decent corner.  But still a great return.

-Robinson was a bit behind on the pass. Then hits another pass to Julius Williams ruled incomplete, but it was definitley completed. Jacoby Ford with a nice return. I'm liking the option that Robinson gives as a third to fifth round draft pick.

-LeGarret Blount just seems to lack NFL speed along with some other of the backs in the game. But he just trucked the safety Coleman on the run; that was impressive. 

-Nice scramble by LeFevour, getting a first down. Throws a short one on a play action pass, but that's what he's used to.

-I just think LeFevour is too small. The only two QB's I like in this game are Pike and Robinson, and maybe Jarred Brown. They are the only ones that seem to possess the "zip" that good QB's have.

-Unfortunately, Tim Tebow is back in at quarterback. Ben Graham almost sacked him.  Wow. I REALLY like Graham.

-Larry Asante had a great hit forcing a fumble, but he goofed big time on the earlier touchdown.

-Good catch by the Jacoby Ford, but a penalty call brings it back.

-Gilyard makes a deep reception, but I think that it was more a weak coverage and the corner Linely had poor reaction. I disagree with Mike Mayock and Charles Davis, both of them seem to think LeFevour will be a good second or third round pick, which i disagree with.

- Dekota Watson does a great job penetrating the offensive line and stopping the third down run. Taylor Mays is getting exciting about hitting a QB; I'm not liking Mays that much either. 

-Nice run by Ben Tate. Got a nice back from the multi postion Bynes. I like Bynes as a center replacement to Meester for Jacksonville.

-Jeremy Williams again. This kid has been really consistent today as a wide reviever;  like him too. However, he just dropped a pass. 

-Tebow just fumbled. Koha Misi, a linebacker from Utah, had a nice play on the ball. As I predicted, Tim Tebow will not be able to run in the NFL.

-Gilyard just burned Arenas for a touchdown, and LeFevour threw a nice pass. Still, he's small and lacking that "zip". If Gilyard's aviablable in the second round (with a Jacksonville trade) or the third I would take him.

- Tebow fumbled again. Then dumped it off for a yard. I really dont like him. Ben Graham pressured Tebow; three and out.

- I think LeFevour will be a solid backup QB, nothing more though.

-Correction: it's Bradnon Graham, reminds me ALOT of Dwight Freeny. I would take him with the 10th or 11th pick,  but I have a feeling he'll be available later.

-Robinson's back in, and the ball slipped out, but he recovers his fumble. Jeremy Williams just grabbed another first down catch;  he's having a fantastic day.

-Robinson took off, and Brandon Graham chased him down for a five yard game. Graham showed some speed; nice screen. Robinson is putting together a nice drive, though he was just intercepted by Witherspoon;  not a good decision by Robinson.

- Jared Brown to Jeremy Williams. Notice another pass to Jeremy Williams. This guy is a late round receiver that seems like a Gene Smith guy.

- Another interception,  and the North takes a knee. Guess who was the MVP? Brandon Graham. 

If I could take just players for this draft from this game for the Jaguars, here's what I would do:

First Round: Trade down and select DE Ben Graham.

Second Round (aquired in trade): CB Patrick Robinson 

Third Round: LB Dakota Washington

Fourth Round: C/G USC's Byers

Fifth Round: QB Zac Robinson

Sixth Round: WR Jeremy Williams

Seventh Round: S Terrance Skinner


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