Kurt Busch: When Your Favorite Driver Wins, You Write About It

Kody LancasterCorrespondent IJune 29, 2008

When the rain started falling in New Hampshire Kurt Busch and the number 2 car were in the lead...it kept raining and the race was called and Kurt Busch won. 

Am I excited?  Hell yes I am.  He is my favorite driver. 

Now I am sure there are people who think it's a bullshit win and that he doesn't deserve it but a win is a win and like Kurt himself said, "We may not of had the best car or deserved to win but the record books will still say Kurt Busch won The Lennox Industrial Tools 301." 

The best cars don't always win.  That's just a fact in NASCAR racing.  I am a firm believer that nobody deserves to win more than somebody else, you have to earn your finishes. Kurt Busch did just that.  

After starting 26th he ran around between 11th and 20th or so all day.  The number 2 car as well as a few other cars pitted when most of the field stayed out which put the cars who pitted in position to make it the distance on fuel. 

The cautions fell where they fell putting the leaders back in the running order and next thing you know number 2 is leading and it's raining and the caution is out, the cars are brought down pit road, and soon there after called due to the rain...Kurt Busch is the winner! 

As a race fan...yes...I would of liked to have seen a green flag finish because I do actually think Kurt could of pulled it off under green.  The first car from the lead pack group was Denny Hamlin in eighth.  In fewer than 20 laps, eighth to first is hard to do. 

The fact is that these races can be won from on top of the pit box and with a little luck.  Kurt Busch had good strategy and luck on his side and he won and no matter who it is, not just my favorite driver, those wins in the rain and on fuel mileage and other strategy are legitimate.  Just look at Dale Jr. at Michigan or Jeff Gordon at Pocono last year.

As a Kurt Busch fan it was just great to see something good happen because the number 2 car has had such a dismal year excluding the Daytona 500.  I will be putting back frosty Miller Lites well into the night celebrating.  Way to go Kurt and everyone on the number 2 car!