I Am Predicting The 2010 Royal Rumble Results

brandon crosswhiteContributor IJanuary 31, 2010

1.michelle mccool vs mickie james for the WWE Womens champion

michelle has held that belt for along time and she is the current longest champion in the WWE right now she has made mickie james a living crap hole,mickie james does not belive she holds that belt with pride and she will do anything to get it back can michelle retain the title and hold her spot as the most domiant diva in the WWE or will the former women champion reclaim her title..

Winner=mickie james

2.ecw world champion christian vs Ezekiel jackson

let me start off by saying ezekiel has came along way since being the brian kendrick bodyguard i belive he has a bright future,but christian will not give up his title without a fight ever since he came back to the WWE he has became a two time ECW champion and look better than ever before can the powerhouse ezekiel Defeat christian or will christian keep being head of the land of Extreme

winner=Ezekiel jackson he will get help

3.world heavyweight champion the undertaker vs rey mysterio

this is a wrestlemania caliber match its David vs gooliath undertaker has been on a roll since beating HBK at wrestlemania and rey mysterio has captured the intercontiental title Twice and beat the animal batista in a steel cage match rey mysterio is looking to become a two time world champion but the Deadman wants to put the mexican warrior spirt to rest.

winner=undertaker wins by DQ because batista gets in the match or rey mysterio will walk out with the world heavyweight title.

4.WWE champion sheamus vs the viper randy orton

this match well be great randy orton hasnt been in the title scene and he has been waiting for this moment to face sheamus ever since sheamus threw him over the ropes randy orton needs to be champion to fill complete and sheamus needs to beat randy to prove he is a fighting champion.

winner= and still wwe champion Sheamus


5.the 2010 royal rumble

the WWE wants us to belive that john cena,triple h or shawn michaels will win it or maybe even Edge but i say wrong wrong wrong the winner will be none other than Christian he deserves it he been on ECW for too long he deserves to main event Wrestlemania and finally win the WWE championship


tell me what yall think and give me yalls predction on who will win