TNHogan: Chris Jericho Can't Headline in TNA

Siva PrasadCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestlers and tag team partners Chris Jericho (L) and Big Show appear in the ring during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Eric Bischoff said he thinks Chris Jericho cannot headline. Y2J was quick to give his reply, twittering:

“Bischoff’s right I can't headline in TNA...cos I'm not in my 50s.”

In the spirit of the Internet, I would like to just say this...Bischoff got PWNED!!!

For the record, Hulk Hogan, who was with Easy E at the time, giving his State of TNA Address, said he would love to have Jericho in TNA. (PS: This column is only named after Hogan, therefore the headlines do not always reflect the Hulkster's opinion.)

So what else is new in TNHogan?

Well, Vince Russo issued an apology to all wrestlers, not for the sometimes mind-boggling, panic-inducing storylines, but for his blog post about how it doesn't matter how much “fake wrestling is on a fake show.”

Russo said, in his apology:

“Fake was a real, bad word to use–a real bad word. There is nothing fake about the thousands of injuries that occur in our sport.” 

Apparently a certain TNA commentator phoned Vinny Ru and threatened to put him in the Tazzmission. To his credit though, the full apology was a strong one—and certainly a necessary one—from Russo if he was to maintain the trust of the locker room. So kudos to him for addressing it.

More notes from Eric/Hulk’s TNA Address:

Rest assured, EB and Hulk mark for D esmond Wolfe ’s window lickers .

The Montreal/ Orlando Screwjob was mainly to get people talking about it. (Even though most of the B/R peeps exploded, there were almost half a million views for it on Youtube. )

Although TNA does not have a developmental system like WWE’s FCW , the Nasty Boys have a school they’re looking at. Scary news for all of us. Apocalypse now.

Finally, the Hulkster would like to wrestle AJ Styles .

Speaking of Mr Phenomenal...

AJ Stylin’ and Profilin’ Styles went escort-girl crazy on Impact this week, and was fixing to take a month off to practice his moves with the ladies before Bischoff reminded him that everybody works. Everybody in this context includes Ric Flair, AJ’s mentor.

With that remark, it seems likely that Ric Flair is going to take his retirement, shine it up real nice, and proceed to stick it straight up a certain McMahon, in order to tag with TNA World Champion AJ Styles for the main event at the Against All Odds PPV.

Just a wild yet oh-so-obvious guess.

For those who did not watch Impact this week, just a super duper quick recap...

Doug Williams of the British Invasion won the X Division Title, cashing in teammate Rob Terry ’s briefcase. Terry had a serious a case of the “DAMN YOU” look on his face.

There is an 8 Card Stud Tournament to determine a No.1 Contender for the TNA Title. Wolfe and Hernandez progressed this week.

I would like to ask at this point: What does Poker have to do with this?

I hope they are not considering Male Strip Poker, which would have been more appropriate a few years ago when TNA had Eric Young in bikini contests.

Ah, I just have to let it go. 

Meanwhile, Easy E blackmailed Mick Foley to keep him in his place.

Mr Anderson/Kennedy had Jeff Jarrett, who is working is way from the bottom again (apparently) for supper in the main event.

Bubba Ray Dudley said that people all over the world want to see the Nasty Boys and Team 3D fight.

Yes, that last line is not a typo. Sometimes people really do believe their own hype, at least what little of it there is. Either that or Bubba's being extremely sarcastic.

And on that note, I’m done. B/R’s unofficial No.1 TNHoganhead will be back on the weekend to recap Impact and all incoming TNHogan news.

Do tell me what you guys think about AJ Styles, can he be the new Dirtiest Player in the Game?

Is Chris Jericho a true headliner in every sense of the word?

Will Mr Anderson set TNA on fire? 

Siva Prasad is a lifelong wrestling fan who hopes his disturbed brand of thinking might make for worthwhile reading, and wonders if people get irritated when he talks about himself in third person. Also, he’d like to ask you to leave a comment of any sort, be it slanderous or joyous.