WWE Elimination Chamber: RAW Has Its Chamber Filled

Brittany AnsteadContributor IFebruary 1, 2010

As of tonight, RAW has already filled up all five of its open slots for the Elimination Chamber match for Sheamful's (Sheamus's) WWE Championship. 

Along with Sheamus we will see John Cena, Kofi Kingston, Ted DiBiase Jr., Triple H, and Randy Orton fight for the WWE Championship gold. 

While I am OK with seeing new faces challenge for the belt, I feel that we may have an Elimination Chamber ending where either Cena, HHH, or Orton wins the belt.

With the Royal Rumble officially over, some people might be hesitant to buy this next PPV (I know I might be getting it at all, but thank God for WWE.com). 

The way Sheamus's championship match was delivered last night, I am somewhat skeptical to buy Elimination Chamber. The way I see it with three big names that have already had too many feuds over this one belt, I feel it wouldn't be worth the 40 bucks to watch it when I could just find the results online for free.

The participants that I mentioned above have all had something to do with either the WWE championship or the man that holds it. 

Orton, Cena, and Triple H have already had the WWE championship. Ted DiBiase has helped Orton in his feuds with the three men I mentioned before.

Kofi Kingston has had moments in his career when most people thought he could have been a World Champ. Sheamful just the name implies it's a shame that someone that hasn't been built up properly is already a World Champ when he hasn't really done anything to impress anyone (I, for one, am not impressed by him).

In some way, I think it would be a miracle if one of the younger guys won the belt, but if Sheamus, Cena, Orton, or HHH win, I would be very disappointed about this PPV too.

But it isn't really up to me or any other fan; it's all up to the WWE Creative Team. 

Until Feb. 21, we won't have any idea about who the favorite is to win, but I hope it could either be Kingston or Ted DiBiase, because that could really elevate them up the ladder.