Just a Question: Who Would Win?

Craig RobertonContributor IJune 30, 2008

In the last couple of decades we have seen Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, Benetton, and Williams win the drivers/constructors titles in Formula One.

So here's my question:

If tomorrow you took these teams away, who would be winning the constructors and the drivers titles?

You might say BMW Sauber, but what about the others?

Next year we’ll see the most radical change in F1 in years; New rules, new start. Reset everything and level the playing field.

So without the top four above (sans Benetton), who would be winning the races and the titles?

Perhaps Red Bull-with a crack team of ex–McLaren, Williams, and Honda personnel, a load of cash and the choice of race hardened drivers in the stables. Everything is there and not there.

Toyota? They have the money, but do they have the brains and structure to think outside the box? Was Jarno Trulli's third-place at Magny-Cours a precusor of things to come for this underperforming organization?

How about Honda? Are Ross Brawn and Jenson Button dreaming the impossible dream? Can money make the difference? It's no wonder two-time champion Fernando Alonso is considering a move there next year.

The upstart Force India Team are growing and punching above their weight.

If the big four were gone, who would rise to the top?

Answers on postcard below please.