WWE NXT: The Good and Bad for the New WWE Brand

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIFebruary 3, 2010

If you saw ECW last night, you saw that Vince McMahon (WWE Chairman) came out to tell people ECW would be gone in three weeks, and it would be replaced with something called WWE NXT, which is being described as a new evolution in the WWE.

What this means is that the new show should premiere around early March, right after the Elimination Chamber PPV. It will likely be LIVE from Wichita, Kan. Which is a good idea if you ask me.

But, what does this new brand mean for ECW Superstars?

It basically means this. From what I've heard there is supposed to be try out matches for RAW and SmackDown for some of the vets, such as Shelton Benjamin and Christian.

Meanwhile others such as Big Zeke, Yoshi Tatsu, and the Dudebusters (Croft and Barreta) would likely stay on the brand. Why?

This is supposed to be a show that features all new, young stars. NXT will be like FCW is now, except wrestlers will be in training at FCW before they jump to NXT, of course. This adds something new and exciting for fans if you ask me.

It gives us new stars to see weekly, and more will keep premiering. Instead of having a new superstar initiative every once in a while, it would be quite often.

What many think will happen is something similar to when ECW first became a brand. We saw many new people come in along with some old faces. While we won't see many old faces there, we will likely see many new stars come in.

This likely means people such as Justin Angel, Kaval, Kris Logan, Joe Hennig, Michael Tarver, Johnny Curtis, Johnny Prime, Bryan Danielson, and possibly the re-debut of Tyler Reks could happen on the first episode.

The men I mentioned above are able to go up to the main roster at any point the WWE wants to pull the trigger.

Some of the men above have also been rumored to go to SmackDown or RAW at different points, so they likely could skip going to NXT and go there. However, because the WWE wants to put over this new brand, they likely will get some of their best young talent on NXT instead of RAW or SmackDown for now.

One rumor also going around is that the Cruiserweight Championship would be added as a new title for the show. Keep in mind this is only a rumor, but a belt has already been made by the WWE.

At one point, there was a rumor about Danielson bringing it to the new brand with him whenever the WWE decided to debut it. Because they have, it is possible we could see the title with Danielson when he debuts.

It seems almost certain to many now that if they are wanting to put over NXT, they'll want to do it with Danielson as one of the top guys on the brand.

There is also a rumor that Austin Aries could be coming to the WWE soon, as the WWE was said to have bought him up from ROH contract wise. How? From what I've heard, which is confusing I know, is that the WWE bought the rights to CM Punk from ROH when he came to the WWE.

When they did that, they took a big revenue from ROH. With Punk getting even more popular in the WWE, ROH could use the money.

So, the WWE sold some sort of merchandise rights to ROH, where both could sell his merchandise. But in exchange, the WWE gets Austin Aries. So, they basically bought Aries from ROH for the rights to Punk's merch sales.

There was a note on Aries Myspace page that said 3.3.10, which means March 3 obviously, and because NXT will be filmed March 2, it's likely that could change.

Having Aries show up and possibly face Danielson could bring the house down if the WWE lets them go.

With so much good things that could potentially happen, how can there be bad?

Well, SyFy was highly unhappy with ECW's numbers. So, they told the WWE to do something about it. They are doing just that.

But if the likes of Christian and Benjamin can't get great ratings in, how would unknown stars get them in?

Sure, the Internet wrestling community may know a good bit about some of the wrestlers rumored to be on NXT, but the average fan may have no clue. And if they see a show headlined by people they don't know, many will turn the channel.

That seems like the only negative about NXT though. And really, could it hurt to try something new? I don't think so.

If the likes of Christian, Regal, Goldust, or Benjamin couldn't get great ratings, then what’s the harm in doing something different? What do you have to lose?

If the rating stays the same, or even goes up a point, it's an improvement and not a negative.

But, what do you think about the WWE's new brand? Also, are you excited about seeing brand new stars all on one brand?

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