TNA: Stand Up For Yourself

GregCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2010

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Okay, in case some of you actually follow what I write, this isn't me changing my opinion about what I wrote last month. This is just what they need to do to stay afloat.

(This paragraph is why I decided to write this. If you don't care, skip it.) First off I just want to say that any argument I bring up, it's because I have my own opinions. I'm not going to agree with someone just because I know nothing of the subject. I'll try and do my research so I can form my own opinion. I'm in high school so having your own opinions is pretty hard to do. My brothers have taught me to think on my own, and I appreciate that. And even though we argue a lot, I agree with them more than anyone because they know what their talking about. They just found out I'm writing on here and have influenced me greatly. So John, Richard, if your reading, thanks for making me an individual.


This business, and...any business, is like politics. And in politics, there are two main sides. (For our purposes, WWE and TNA.) The actuall thing about politics is, a lot of them agree on a lot of things, but two things differ what they do.

1) The side they're on.

2) Being told what to do.

I'm going to focus on the second here and what it has to do with TNA. As we all know, TNA has been taken over by Hulkamania and Easy E. Everything that these two have said TNA has basically allowed to happen. They got rid of the sides. They are taking the titles off of the real talent, and they are taking the Originals off the air. It's kind of like back when WWE brought back ECW, they basically gave no respect to the originals after a few months.

Here's why what I said about "my life" was important. You have to be able to think for yourself. You have to know when something just isn't right for you. You have to know that putting all of your eggs in one damn basket will kill you. TNA has put full faith in Hogan and lets him do whatever.


1) The 6-Sides: I've said something about this before on comments or in my last article in that it shouldn't really matter. And it shouldn't. You shouldn't do something different just because you want to be different. Then again, you shouldn't want to do something some way because it's how it's always been done. You should do what makes your fans happy and what you can be proud of. Back when the 4 sides were introduced to TNA, Hogan said that "It's time to throw out the play pen and play like the big boys." (Paraphrasing...I'm not going to look up any of that.)

The reason TNA went with Hogan on this is because he and Easy E think that it's how everyone else does it, so it's how they should do it. No, you shouldn't be changed to something else because everyone else does it. TNA should bring back the six sides, not because they should be different, but because they shouldn't do something just because the others do that.

2) The titles have been taken off of Amazing Red and Eric Young and given to the British Invasion. Now, I'm not saying that just because I think they're boring that they don't deserve the titles. It's just that Amazing Red is a great wrestler and he deserved better than that. Eric Young is a main part of TNA and has been for a long time, but he lost his title to Rob Terry? Rob Terry has not proven himself to me at all. I don't think I've seen him wrestle. I've just seen him help the B.I. cheat.

Why hand the titles over to them? Why not  keep them on the TNA original Talent that did one hell of a job of keeping us entertained? Because for some reason, the writing and developmental staff have decided to give up on the originals. Which brings me to my next point.

3) Why are the TNA originals slowly leaving the screen? Why are the people who have stayed by you for the most of your time here in the business being put to the back? It's because someone in the back is deciding that the TNA originals aren't good enough. Why not? Is it because they didn't have any time in the WWE? Is it because they were here before the four side era? What is it?

Suicide/Kaz, Samoa Joe, Amazing Red barelly seen, Eric Young, Beer Money is slowly leaving, Daniels, the Guns, DAMNIT!!! This isn't right. You can't just replace everyone with WWE's former talent because they were there. I can guran-damn-tee that the talent in TNA is more entertaining than most of the WWE roster. Like I said before in my last article, there's nothing wrong with bringing those guys in if they can do good. Matt Morgan, Elijah Burke, Mr. Anderson, for example were perfect... Uh...Sean Morley? What is that?


So, that's my opinion. That is everything I thnk about what's happening right now. I love criticism because it is a learning experience. If you want to show me how I'm wrong please feel free. I'm open to conversation, not arguments.


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