Tim Tebow's "Hail Mary"

James SouthertonCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2010


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Tim Tebow's "Hail Mary"


I am intrigued by the negative attention that the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad is getting from pro-choicers.  Are they worried that the multi-million dollar abortion industry might get sacked? The Tebows are simply trying to promote life: that's it.  Many young women who become pregnant only seem to be presented with one choice by the media: abortion.  So why is it so appalling that CBS might air a piece endorsing life?


In addition, pro-choice supporters argue that CBS should put forth a commercial that promotes their agenda.  In an indirect way, I believe that CBS will do that.  Just watch the plethora of ads this Sunday that contain sexual content.


I am aware that decisions of infidelity and promiscuity come down to the individual, but when our young people are bombarded with messages condoning sex, this behavior gets portrayed as the norm...without responsibilities.


Do our young people ever seriously consider what might happen as a result of sex?  Today's commercials never tell us about that!


Abortion is not just an "issue" forced upon us by politics or religion. Politics and religion might support one side or the other, but they are not the root of it.


Rather, abortion is a human "choice" that always results in death.  Our society needs to have this reality be known.  I am thrilled that CBS and the Tebow family are speaking up for the unborn.


As we sit down with our children to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, we will certainly be blitzed with E.D. adds and condom commercials (just to name a few).  Since this will be the case, I feel that we should also have the "choice" to watch Tim Tebow toss a "Hail Mary" for life!