In Depth Look at The Pistons 2010 Draft: John Wall and Beyond

Tyler RContributor IFebruary 7, 2010

LEXINGTON, KY - FEBRUARY 02:  John Wall #11 of the Kentucky Wildcats celebrates during the SEC game against the Ole Miss Rebels on February 2, 2010 at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Kentucky won 85-75.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This is an urgent message to all Pistons fans: No playoffs this year. If you have followed the Pistons this year you are not only loyal, but tortured. As much as Detroit fans hate it, there is a very slim chance of a playoff run this year. The trade deadline is fast approaching and it looks like Joe D isn't going to pull the trigger on a deal because he is still convinced that his team can do some damage when the roster is healthy.

It's a known fact that injuries have crippled the team this season, but vets like Hamilton and Prince are just looking older and the numbers are not there. It looks like Detroit will be in full rebuilding mode after this nightmare of a season ends and Joe D wakes up from it and realizes that he needs to make some huge changes. This article will take a look at what will happen with the Pistons in the 2010 draft according to the picks they could end up with.

If the season ended now:

Pick #1 Chance to win: 7.6%

If the Pistons some how land the number one pick it is obvious what they will do. There is better chance of them moving the team to Canada than passing up the chance to add John Wall to their roster. He is light years ahead of all the other prospects and has drawn comparisons to Dwyane Wade. If this happened then either Rip, Stuckey, or Gordon would have to leave. Stuckey has the least amount of money tied up in his contract, but he has been the most productive out of the three. Common guess would be that Hamilton would be the one to be traded. Wall would change the whole team and be the face of the franchise. He would also be the mega star that Detroit has not had in a long time.

Pick #2 Chance to win: 11.9%

If the Pistons get this pick then they have already lost. The prize is Wall and everyone else is just potential. The best option is the 6'9" Georgia Tech phenom-Derrick Favors. He has the potential to be an Amare Stoudemire type athlete. He would provide the much needed low post scoring threat the Pistons so desperately lack. Joe D put Rasheed Wallace into a time machine and created his younger clone-Charlie Villanueva. Thanks to that decision, Detroit is in need of a scoring threat at the 4. Ben Wallace can't do everything.

Pick #3 Chance to win: 15.6%

The top player is gone. The second place ribbon has been taken. What is left? Ed Davis: the Chris Bosh wanna be of the under achieving UNC Tarheels. You may be thinking how can I see the third pick as a loss. The Pistons don't have a lot of cash to throw around and paying a top pick that doesn't have mind blowing talent and is based on a three-year maturation period and is best described as having great "potential" is only a loss for the Pistons. Davis isn't the freak athlete that Favors is but he is still an ok player. If the Pistons took Davis, he would still play a lot his rookie year, but he wont dominate like Wall and maybe Favors.

Pick #4 Chance to win 19.9%

This pick would be a toss up between Evan Turner of Ohio State and Wesley Johnson of Syracuse. Both are talented wingmen with great skill. Turner is the natural leader while Johnson is more of the raw, cocky type. The problem is both could help the Pistons but neither are a good fit. If the Pistons land anywhere outside of the first two picks, it would be wise of them to trade out.

The Pistons could use a lot of new faces but the draft is not the place if Wall or Favors are not available. It would make more sense to trade out or down and save money and let Joe D try and work some trade magic and bring in some new people.