Is TNA Planning On An ECW Stable?

Victor JordanCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2010

There's been alot of talk recently that 4 Former ECW Stars could in fact be heading to TNA Wrestling. These Stars in paticular just so happen to be Tommy Dreamer,Paul Heyman,Sabu,and Rob Van Dam.

Dreamer has been said to be pretty much a lock on joining TNA in a few months or so. He was officially released from the WWE in Janurary,citing frustration for WWE ending it's ECW Brand(although Dreamer hated WWE's ECW product to begin with),and has been telling friends that he is infact TNA Bound.

Last month Dreamer,made his final goodbyes to the WWE Universe in a blog post on his WWE Universe page. It's heavily speculated that Dreamer will work as a TNA Road Agent until his non compete clause with WWE is over,although it is unknown if Dreamer has a 45 day Veterans non compete clause,the regular 90 day clause,or no clause at all.

Paul Heyman is said to be coming in to TNA heavily as well,with reports stating that he has interest in managing Ken Anderson on air. Heyman said on his official Twitter,that he may in fact join TNA should the Hogan/Bischoff Era fair well,Heyman said that he'd "give them time".

Hulk Hogan called in to Rob Van Dam's radio show RVD TV,and offered RVD a TNA Deal on air. Van Dam himself even cited interest in taking Hogan's offer by saying "let's talk after the show". Van Dam,then said he'd like to bring Sabu with him,in which Hogan gave the ok for. For those of you that don't know,or remember Sabu had a short stint in TNA Wrestling as a member of the X-Division,before returning to the WWE on it's ECW Brand.

It shouldn't be much of a surprise if TNA Commentator Taz has some role in "Team ECW",with TNA tryingg hard to bring in J.R.,they could easily have Taz replaced on the Comementator's Table,should J.R sign with the promotion,and according to reports he has interest in the light schedule,and has openly expressed his impressions with TNA Wrestling.

With Team 3D,Raven,Stevie Richards,Tommy Dreamer,Sabu,and Rob Van Dam TNA could easily start an ECW Stable that would probably draw fairly well in the ratings, especially if Heyman we're to lead them(which may be over more,if Heyman we're to become an Authority Figure in TNA). If TNA we're to go this route,with the rumored Former ECW Acquisitions.they would more than likely have them feud with World Elite,thus meaning "Team ECW" would be faces,although this may be put itno question,seeing as how TNA is teasing a World Elite break up angle with Rob Terry & Doug Williams winning Championship gold recently.