UK Gets an Early Commitment For The 2016 Season

Matt FinkeContributor IFebruary 8, 2010

Inspired by USC Head Football Coach Lane Kiffen, John Calipari received his first verbal commitment for the 2016 season.  Big Blue Nation is jumping for joy about the prospects of having 5'4 model/athlete Lance Sparky 6 years from now.

The 12 year old from Wales has been on Coach Calipari's radar ever since the November 2009 issue of GQ magazine in which the young Sparky was holding a basketball while wearing a winter collection from Tommy Hilfiger.

Although his 6th grade basketball team has yet to win a game in the Greater Wales League in Blaenrheidol, Calipari thinks he has a bright future despite the headaches he is receiving from the media.

Calipari has been questioned about recruiting a student-athlete-model at such a young age.  "The kid has talent... and boyish good looks" said Calipari, "I'm not worried about his age because sources told me that reads at a 10th grade level". 

I recently ran into a random UK fan on a dirt road and asked him how he felt about the controversial signing.  JimBo Donaldson said, "Go Big Blue".  I asked him again but he followed with "Go Cats".

The NCAA office has already made a comment stating that an on-going investigation is still on-going and that Kentucky will be punished for all recruiting violations once Calipari loses in the National Championship then moves on to another school to repeat this process.

When I told JimBo about this investigation he said "Go Big Blue". 

Despite the investigation and controversy Coach Calipari vowed to continue to recruit younger ages in the future.  When asked why Coach Cal simply stated “the Moms”.

With the impending destruction from Hurricane Calipari many are wondering why Lance Sparky committed to playing for UK so early.  Sparky commented saying that he wanted to become the face of his people but didn't say who his people were but by the photo I think we can all guess.