With The Super Bowl Complete, Major League Baseball To Take Center Stage

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IFebruary 8, 2010

Though New Orleans is still in a state of celebration after their Saints pulled off what most would concede as an improbable victory over the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl, the NFL will step aside and the boys of summer will get ready to take center stage.

Just a few days ago, sports radio in Dallas was talking about the trucks that had rolled into the Ballpark at Arlington and were loading up for their trip to Arizona and the Rangers' spring training complex.

But the Rangers aren't the only ones who are getting ready. Every team in Major League Baseball has loaded up their trucks and will be getting ready for pitchers and catchers to report to their spring training homes in Florida and in Arizona.

Can you smell that? The smell of freshly cut grass, the chalk being freshened up to lined down the first and third base lines; it's the smell of America's pastime and the smell of a new baseball season about to get underway.

The familiar saying "it's a new season, everybody is undefeated" will be said more times and by more players than any of us can count. But there's something about that phrase that makes us realize that even our team can be the World Champions this season, maybe it's their time. That's a feeling that every fan has leading up to the start of any season in sports.

Who will be the favorites going into this season? Will the Yankees be able to repeat or is there a National League team that will be able to step up and bring the crown back.

Speaking of the National League, can they finally break through and win the All-Star game?

What will be the story lines leading into the 2010 season? There's no doubt that the St. Louis Cardinals will be getting a lot more media attention this time around, especially with Mark McGwire being their new hitting coach. Will the attention he gets be a distraction to the rest of the team?

How will Roy Halladay do with his new team, the Philadelphia Phillies? What about the trade talk that continues to surround San Diego Padres' first baseman Adrian Gonzalez? Can he put that aside and be the same sweet swinging power bat in the Padres' lineup?

What about the new additions for the Boston Red Sox? Do those additions make them automatic favorites in the American League or are the Yankees still the team to beat?

In just a few weeks, players will slowly start to trickle into what will be their home over the next few months. They'll begin a routine that has been everything but since their season came to a close last year.

The silence that surrounds each respective complex today will be replaced, in just a few short weeks, with the popping of gloves, the crack of the bat and the voices of coaches and staff working with their players.

That familiar feeling has returned, baseball is in the air, and the boys of summer are getting prepared to take center stage once more.